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Tips on Eating When Learning to Run

You will feel hungrier because you are active learning to run, please don’t overindulge. During the run/walk or running program you burn between 150 to 200 calories every half hour, this doesn’t mean you can eat like crazy! If you eat a chocolate bar, cheese and crackers and then pick while making dinner, even though […]

Following a plan and scheduling it through to the end…

What is it that got me running 50K and seeing it through to the end?   Following a Plan and Scheduling it’s all about making the goal date, using a plan, scheduling my time and holding myself to it. This is something that I have found that makes life easier… The Daily Schedule — It […]

Learn to run a 5K in 6 weeks

Learn To Run a 5K in 6 Weeks The scenario may go like this… You start running and feel good and you might even run 5 or 6 days a week. But when it all comes down to it you feel a bit lost on what direction or goals you’re moving towards. How to train for a […]