Chi Running For Beginners

I’ve talked about proper running form before and how when you’re a beginner runner having proper posture is crucial to good running. There are many different posture programs that offer great ways to get you running in good form. The program that I recommend  is Chi Running.  You can unlearn how to run by wearing heavily […]

Beginner Running Program

 A Good Beginner Running Program… Has you not confused, but happy and motivated. It has you working at a pace that you can handle and is forgiving when you cannot commit all the time. It should feel comfortable and easy to understand so that you know what you are doing each week. For Example: The […]

Great Form for Running

There’s nothing but great form when running, you go faster, tire less, put much less stress on your body and feel so good! Watch this video on great form for running! Check out more – Are you holding good posture?    Running Form for Beginners Back to Top: Great Form For Running

Long Distance Running Training for Beginners

Long Distance Running Training For Beginners So you’ve been running for 3 months now and you’ve decided you want to run longer distances… Imagine…You… Running 10 kilometers or longer and feeling great!   When you’ve finished reading this post you will understand what kind of plan to look for while adding more mileage to your […]