How to Eat Clean for Beginners

If you are struggling with your weight or maybe trying to get this food thing down to clean eating here are a few tips on “how to eat clean for beginners”.  Eating Clean For Beginners 1. Try cutting out anything that is white. (White rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.) 2. Eat whole grains, natural […]

How to Start Running Consistently

How to Start Running Consistently Monday Monday Monday… It just never stops being Monday… In all honesty, I sometimes have a hard time with Mondays. I get lazy with my desires and let the busyness of life plow through the things I really want. Monday is almost always my start date for a lot of […]

Turn Your Problems Around

Turn Your Problems Around Wow, what a week! It’s been a BIG emotional week for Americans and the World, and I wish all the best for all. This is your chance to change my mindset and for You to turn your problems around. For me, these last few weeks have been more than busy. I’m at […]

A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make

  A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make The biggest mistake beginner runners make, is running too fast. Running too fast when your body at a cellular level isn’t ready can be hard on your body.  While you suffer the feelings of getting out of breath, your body’s intelligence is trying to tell you to slow down. “Forcing your […]

50 Ways to keep You Running!

50 Ways to Keep You Running The biggest reasons you are having a difficult time is because running can be hard to stick to. If you don’t know what to do to keep running consistently and at the same time enjoying yourself, you will quit.  Too many challenges running or not enough will set you on a dead-end path.  Learn […]

A Manual For Learning to Run Coming Soon!

Thank you all who participating in the Running Questionnaire! For those who haven’t responded to the questionnaire, I only ask you to answer this one question. Here is the link I really need help in knowing what questions you need answered about running – so I don’t miss anything for you in my awaited Running […]

What should you eat after a work out?

What foods after exercise? Feeling really good after a work out is important; this is why you want to watch your food portions, eat foods rich in nutrients and make sure you are eating at the right time after exercise for good fat burning. Your metabolism, burning calories and healing after your workout is detrimental for healing muscles and weight loss, requiring […]

Chi Running for Beginners

  ChiRunning has the perfect program for Beginner Runners and Walkers! You learn to move from a more natural state preventing injuries and increasing enjoyment. You learn better posture run/walking through baby steps. You become more familiar with breathing better. You transform your health to a better place of mindful living! Where did ChiRunning originate? […]