Jago Holmes personal trainer – www.Couch to – 5K.com

www. Couch to – 5K.com.   5K Training For Beginners Learn to How Run Program (A great program that comes all in one package!) “Jago Holmes Personal Trainer “  Jago Holmes is a Qualified and experienced Trainer who has worked with hundreds of runners successfully!  He has his own 5K Training for Beginners Program! You may be […]

Your 12 Week 10K Training Program

You also might like the articles:   Clear Running Goals and Plan  Your 12 Week 10K Training Program   Week 1  Run 5K starting your day on a Monday or Tuesday/ Switch and Rest or cross-train on Monday if your Sunday was a long run. Wednesday 4Km run Thursday Rest and Walk for 45min. Saturday rest Sunday […]

It is time to Race

It is time to race! What a great way to stay motivated and work towards a goal. There are some great run/walk races in Canada, the USA, and around the world. This could be very exciting for you! Those of you that are advancing towards 30 minutes of continual running, sign up for a Running […]

How Do You Breathe When Running?

  How Do You Breathe When Running? Shortness of breath while running can be a common occurrence that happens to a  beginner runner and even an experienced runner. It is a natural symptom that happens when you overexert yourself.  There are reasons for this and ways to control this. How do you breathe when running? […]