Finding Time For Running

Finding Time For Running Today I can’t think of a better way to clear the mind than finding time for running in your life! Running is one of those sports you can take anywhere and a great way to clear your mind, but there are times when running is hard to position into your week. […]

14 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water!

They say water is the elixir of life! Believe it!  There are so many good reasons to drink water.  Water is really all we need sometimes to pull us out of a slump. Most times we walk around in life totally oblivious to the fact the we are thirsty. You might complain of a sore […]

Learn to run a 5K in 6 weeks

Learn To Run a 5K in 6 Weeks The scenario may go like this… You start running and feel good and you might even run 5 or 6 days a week. But when it all comes down to it you feel a bit lost on what direction or goals you’re moving towards. How to train for a […]

Running… My First 5K Tips

If you are interested in Learning to run or running a 5K race, here are some 5K tips to keep you informed! Running my first 5K Tips Tip #1. Always warm up before you start  run/walking or running. Walk for 10 minutes, jog on the spot, do jumping jack or side lunges. Any dynamic movements […]

Chi Running For Beginners

I’ve talked about proper running form before and how when you’re a beginner runner having proper posture is crucial to good running. There are many different posture programs that offer great ways to get you running in good form. The program that I recommend  is Chi Running.  You can unlearn how to run by wearing heavily […]

Why are we fat and what can we do about it?

Studies show we are not getting to where we want to be as far as getting healthy, in good shape and fighting obesity.   Yet there are so many people eager to get out there and do it! Why are we fat and still living in a world full of obesity? 10 Reasons why we are […]

20 Tips on Healthy Eating!

I know it’s sometimes hard to stay on track and eat healthy, so I thought I would give you 20 tips on healthy eating. 1.  Foods that you can recognize and are natural to eat. 2.  Always look to see what the first ingredients are when eating processed food. Sugar seems to be a popular […]

How important is core strength for running?

You run, but you can’t seem to get going faster or run longer…and you’ve been running for awhile! Maybe it has to do with your core strength! How important is core strength for running? More important than you think.  When you have good core strength, your body literally performs better at daily tasks, workouts and […]

Walking before running…

 Lots of people ask me this ONE question when they want to learn to run… “How long should I be walking before running?”  There is an easy answer to this if you’re in pretty good shape already or live an active lifestyle. Usually one week of good walking will get your body ready to start […]

Running Shoes That Prevent Shin Splints

Do you have shin splints? When you have shin splints, you’ll experience the dreaded sharp pain on the inside or front of your shin while you walk or run. It can be so uncomfortable and can prevent you from running faster times and longer distances. Shin Splints can bring running or learning to run to […]