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Chi Running for Beginners

  ChiRunning has the perfect program for Beginner Runners and Walkers! You learn to move from a more natural state preventing injuries and increasing enjoyment. You learn better posture run/walking through baby steps. You become more familiar with breathing better. You transform your health to a better place of mindful living! Where did ChiRunning originate? […]

Following a plan and scheduling it through to the end…

What is it that got me running 50K and seeing it through to the end?   Following a Plan and Scheduling it’s all about making the goal date, using a plan, scheduling my time and holding myself to it. This is something that I have found that makes life easier… The Daily Schedule — It […]

Are You RunWalking with Good Posture?

The most important aspect of running and walking is your posture! Once you get it right everything works better, injuries and energy are saved, you won’t tire early or encounter some usual aches and pains. So enjoy your time outside by getting your posture right!     Is this what you do?   Do you […]

The Benefits of Walking While Running

Stepping out your front door… You may immediately set sail, whisking those happy feet into a running trot only because you are crunched for time or don’t know any better. You think your doing yourself a favour embarking on this running thing! Your are – nevertheless your run deserves better! Not warming up or cooling […]

Yoga to Prevent Running Injuries

Doesn’t it seem that once you get one running injury under control another one creeps out right behind it?   Or when you’re in the depths of a  learn to run program or training to run a 5k, 10K, Marathon or Ultra Marathon you have to quit because of an injury… It can be so frustrating trying to prevent running injuries!  One […]

Do You have control over life or does life have control over You?

Think back…When was the last time you were really living with no stress? Do you remember that feeling of control?… Let me put a life scenario in your head… You are eight years old, kicking the dirt in front of you while walking to your best friend’s house.There is no rush because you know you’re […]

Believe in Yourself!

Have you ever wondered what stopped you from believing in yourself, moving forward and getting the dreams that you’ve been dreaming about? Maybe getting into good shape was one of them! Sometimes I become frustrated with things in my life and I just sit thinking to myself of all the things I wish I had done […]

Accomplishing Your Running Goals

Enjoy your running and accomplish your goals! A busy life we live in… We live busy lives and this can rob us from things we love to do and make it very difficult to accomplish wanted goals. Goals can fall away from our life because they seem too time consuming and trigger a feeling that […]

How to trick yourself into eating better?

If you find that you can’t lose weight while training for a 5K or you’re worried about the way your family eats. This might be due to the fact the not-so-good-food is too much in your face. If  high sugar foods or packaged foods are more visible, you will eat it more! Here are a […]