The Reasons For Sore Legs From Running

Reasons for Sore Legs From RunningID-100132827

These maybe some reasons why you have sore leg muscles from running.

  • If you have exerted yourself running or doing another physical activities, it’s best to take a day or two off then go back and train gradually. Some may have leg muscles so sore it feels uncomfortable and hard to get around, you should then think about taking a little more time off.
  • If you find the pain worsening or not getting better, consult a physician. Note, a lot of muscle exertion can leave your muscles feeling so painful it’s difficult to walk, get up from sitting positions or using the stairs. It can hurt so much, you might feel the need to see a doctor. This feeling is normal.
  • It could be over training The Reasons For Sore Legs From Running which has caused an injury similar to shin splints or stress fracture. It’s best to talk to your doctor to rule out injury and do what is needed for quick and easy healing.
  • Do you have a underlining medical condition like Fibromyalgia or Arthritis? I would suggest getting help from your doctor and physical therapist to help set up a program to help lesson the pain and symptoms. A gentler running or walking program will help these conditions of sore leg muscles.

 Prevent Sore Leg Muscles From Muscles

  1. Start an exercise program gradually, in the smallest of increments so that your muscles can adapt better.
  2. Do a walking warm up, gentle running on the spot or gentle jumping jacks for 5 minutes to introduce your muscles to exercise.
  3. Stretch gently in the middle of your exercise program.
  4. Follow a program introduced by a professional and stay with it


Having sore leg muscles is no fun, but if you look at it as positive, than you can be rest assured that you are doing good for your body.


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