Learn t Run 5K


This is a running schedule to help train you to run a 5K!


Results are awesome when you stay with a consistent running or run/walking weekly program. This is a running training schedule for beginner runners or for people who want to come back to running and run more consistently throughout the year by following a schedule.

I’m Gill, a long time runner and a 3X Ultra Marathoner.

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 People Are Great Running Motivators!

Running with a friend, family or a group is excellent to help motivate you!

One of the best ways to motivate yourself running is having a running partner; this helps to keep you accountable when you are scheduled to go for a run. On the days you don’t want to run, your partner will help to get you out the door, vise-versa!Home learn to run 5K


Make sure you schedule and write down your runs for the week. (Just like appointments to yourself) and get it done before the week starts.

Circle your calendar the days you’ve scheduled to run and when you’ve completed the run put an X on top of the circled dates. Once you’ve completed 3 days running for the week, you’re all ready for another week of running!




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