Replenishing Electrolytes During and After a Run

Replenishing Electrolytes For Your Run! If you are running in the heat and sweating a lot your body will lose electrolytes.  During a long hot or even short hot run, you could lose valuable minerals from sweating.  These minerals are important for optimal body functioning. Electrolyte fluids are an important part of feeling normal during your […]

What the heck is Cadence?

This week is the last of the series involving your feet.Today we are talking about Cadence and SPM. What is Cadence? (Stride Rate) Another name for Cadence is Stride Rate. It’s how many times in a minute your foot hits the ground when you run and is great at measuring your running form.The cool thing is, If you have a short and fast […]

Replenishing Fluids and Electrolytes Quickly

Today I’m talking about – Replenishing Fluids and Electrolytes Electrolytes and fluids you lose through exercise. Depending on how long you’ve exercised, how hot it was or how hard you run this will determine how much you need to drink or eat to replenish. During a long run, you sweat and sometimes you sweat a […]

How To Run Long On Your Weekend Runs

The best time to do a long run is on the weekend. Try to run it once a week or every 7 to 10 days! The long run builds your endurance and running economy! – You’ll eventually be able to run for many hours and understand how to preserve your energy! Adding more mileage to […]

The Plan To Get You To The Goal

Don’t let the busyness of life get in the way of what you really want for your running goals! If you do not have the plan and continue to go running in a haphazard way, your dreams of being a confident runner and reaching the goal will quickly slide away. Or, never happen at all. Frustrating, isn’t […]

Running Headache

 The Symptoms of a Running Headache Your head is pounding and throbbing and if someone were to look at you,  they may even see your temples pulsing. Suddenly you realize you’ve been hit with a running headache! It feels like the blood is rushing to your head and the pressure is building big! At times it’s uncomfortable, slowing you down to a […]

When To Take A Break From Running

When To Take A Break From Running As you become a happier and more relaxed runner, you will feel and see the rewards in getting fit. You’ll feel strong look more toned have more energy in your day. If you do races, you might even find yourself getting faster. If you’ve been trying to take […]

How to Eat Clean for Beginners

If you are struggling with your weight or maybe trying to get this food thing down to clean eating here are a few tips on “how to eat clean for beginners”.  Eating Clean For Beginners 1. Try cutting out anything that is white. (White rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.) 2. Eat whole grains, natural […]

How to Prevent Shin Splints When Running

7 Great Ways On How To Prevent Shin Splints When Running  Shin splints can be caused by worn out shoes. Around 400 miles is long enough to run in running shoes. Put the date you bought your shoes under the shoe tongue tag and keep an eye on your mileage. (Use a journal or app on […]

Be Your Own Running Pace Predictor

Change your motivation running today, this activity is fun!  Be Your Own Running Pace Predictor Know your pace and become more knowledgeable about yourself and how you feel about your running speed. Knowing your running pace zones is the first step to getting better at challenging yourself during your run.   Practicing your running pace […]