Why do my legs feel so heavy running?

Why do my legs feel so heavy running?

Why do my legs feel heavy running?
Running legs feel like lead.

Likely it has to do with you overdoing running and your legs are tired, although there are other reasons for legs feeling heavy while running.

Your body learns running gradually while it goes through the stages of learning to run faster or longer.

My legs feel heavy when I run!

Your legs feel heavy when running…

  •  too fast too soon
  •  too many miles
  • running or working out every day

The feeling of having heavy legs is uncomfortable, having yours legs feel week when running, eventually you’re stopped in your tracks!

Other reasons for heavy legs running.

  • You do not properly warm up before running.
  • You don’t cool down and stretch from your the last run.
  • You went running after sitting at a desk all day without a good warmup.
  • You ran too fast the last run you ran.
  • You didn’t replenish your muscles with rest.
  • You didn’t replenish with protein rich foods after running for healing muscles.
  • You are overheated running wearing too many clothes.
  • The temperature is too hot to run.
  • You are dehydrated and not drinking enough throughout your day so when you run you feel stiff, heavy and maybe even cramped.
  • You run at high speeds too often or race too much.
  • You go running after sitting at a desk job all day or a long car ride.

Your diet could be causing you to have heavy legs running!

  • If you are dieting and not consuming enough calories, running is going to feel uncomfortable and you won’t have energy.
  • Diet pops, pre-made low-calorie dinners, sugary snacks and energy drinks with sugar or fake sweeteners are not good.
  • Most chemicals and unnatural ingredients added to packaged foods confuse and break down your body.

Make sure you eat…

  • Foods that are natural and grow from the ground are great for fueling your body.
  • Eat nutrient rich foods, then your body absorbs this good fuel for energy and healing.

Running in the wrong running shoes or hard running surfaces can make your legs feel heavy.

  • Go to a specialty store and get fitted for new shoes.
  • Look for wear on the bottom of shoes.
  • Try to run on softer surfaces like grass and trails.

You need to be intuitive and figure out when you are doing too much for youWhy do my legs feel so heavy running?r stage of running.

  • Listen to your body’s pains, take a step back and look at what you might be doing too much that’s bringing on these pains.

Your body is going to set up sign posts in the way of pain or the feeling of heavy legs running to let you know what it doesn’t like!

Why do my legs feel so heavy running? - What do I do about it?

Before you run:

  • do dynamic stretches 5 minutes before running.
  • walk 10 minutes before and after running.
  • do static stretches after running.
  • message legs with a foam roller or get a message.
  • cold bath or shower is good to arrange after a long run.

Always check with your doctor if heavy legs running persists.

Develop a good rapport with your doctor so he/she knows what activity or exercise you are doing. An underlying injury or condition needs to be looked at.

Please leave a comment in the section below if you’ve ever had that heavy leg running feeling while running or even walking.

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  1. Thank you for the information. After Thanksgiving I plan to get back on track – although more walking and a bit of interval jog – and this is good to know.

  2. This is very interesting. It explains a lot about what’s going on in my legs. Of course the over-night cold weather (yes, even 40 is cold in the desert) doesn’t help!

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