Studies show we are not getting to where we want to be as far as getting healthy, in good shape and fighting obesity.  
Yet there are so many people eager to get out there and do it!

Why are we fat and still living in a world full of obesity?

10 Reasons why we are fat! 

  1. No exercise. 
  2. Not enough exercise, less than 3X/week.
  3. The computer world of  TV, video games, iphones, ipad etc. 
  4. The food on our plate are full to the edges, causing us eat too much per serving.
  5. Not eating enough natural foods grown from the earth or from animals.
  6. Eating too much fatty foods.
  7. Eating too many packaged foods with hazy ingredients, these chemicals play havoc on our hormones hence metabolism. 
  8. Addicted to high carb foods with empty calories.
  9. Too much sugar.
  10. Stress and negative thinking.

We have the best resources in the world at getting healthy and staying in shape. 

We have health food stores, diet centers, fitness centers that are springing up at every busy corner, but still we suffer the same health issues related to inactivity and obesity.

People  find it hard to stick to a sport!
They don’t really know what sport to do and when they think they’ve got it all figured out, it’s an unorganized bunch of fuzzy plans and goals that are way to hard to reach.

Unless you have the right frame of mind and the right program…
This is where I come in.
Why not try running?
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Actually it starts out walking then leads into you running for 30 minutes.
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It’s the run/walk way!