What the heck is Cadence?

People Enjoying an evening run.

This week is the last of the series involving your feet.
Today we are talking about Cadence and SPM.

What is Cadence? (Stride Rate)

Another name for Cadence is Stride Rate. It’s how many times in a minute your foot hits the ground when you run and is great at measuring your running form.
The cool thing is, If you have a short and fast stride rate, you will run faster!

How do you figure out your Stride Rate?

You can use a watch or you can figure the Stride Rate on your own.
Count while you are running, your left foot stepping in the ground for 30 seconds.
(If it’s hard you can count your left arm swing instead.)
Multiply the number by 2.
Then multiply the new number by 2 again.
The result will be your cadence [Steps Per Minute (SPM)]
Example: 40×2=80 80×2=160
Cadence = 160 SPM 
An average cadence is between 160 and 180. 

A number of around 160 to 180 is good.
The higher the stride rate the better your running performance.

Do not try to increase your stride rate all at once! 

Only work on increasing your stride gradually and overtime it will rise.
Practice during 1 or 2 of your runs a week. 
An increased cadence means you are hitting the ground lighter and engaging your body in a good posture, while using less energy for each step.

What a great way to get better at running!

Later this week, I’ll be ending the foot talk with a quick explanation on how you land on your feet while you run.

Image credit: Fitsum Admasu – Unsplash