Walking before running…

 Lots of people ask me this ONE question when they want to learn to run…

“How long should I be walking before running?”

 There is an easy answer to this if you’re in pretty good shape already or live an active lifestyle.
Usually one week of good walking will get your body ready to start the run/walk…

But what happens if you are out of shape, overweight and have a very low activity level?

Find out in this video!

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Take a look at the Learn to Run ~ Run/Walk Schedule



  1. Great question with a wonderful answer! I ran years ago but now I walk…Hurt my knees a while back so either I walk or in cold weather, I'll use my elliptical. It's all good. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post. You are answering questions that people will have that may stop them from trying if they don't get an answer. I like that you have them check in with how they are feeling. It's not a one answer fits all. This is great!

  3. Sounds like good advice. I am unable to run due to foot and knee problems. Dealing with nerve damage in my feet has recently limited me on the walking as well.

  4. Casa, sign up for my newsletter and you get the first 6 weeks. It starts out with walking first and then gradually after 6 weeks you'll be running comfortably. it's absolutely an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

  5. When I first started training for my marathon run… I started off walking and jogging.
    Thank you for sharing this information. Great answer!

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