Tips on Eating When Learning to Run

You will feel hungrier because you are active learning to run, please don’t overindulge.

  • During the run/walk or running program you burn between 150 to 200 calories every half hour, this doesn’t mean you can eat like crazy!
  • If you eat a chocolate bar, cheese and crackers and then pick while making dinner, even though it doesn’t seem like you are overindulging – you are! You will not lose weight running.
  • You need to be conscious of what you are feeding yourself. You’re not feeding it to your dog or baby, so don’t feed it to yourself!
  • Eat foods closest to their nature, like an orange instead of just orange juice or fruit juice.
  • Foods that are close to nature are better for you, they increase your metabolism.
  • When you eat foods packaged or processed, your body has a hard time recognizing¬† them. Hence you store more fat to compensate and your metabolism slows.
  • Think of your stomach the size of your fist and eat fist size portions.
  • Taking weight off will make you feel better and running will take on a whole new direction….
  • Boost you and your families health by serving 3 colors of vegetables or fruits during each meal!

Tell me what you think and/or how you’re keeping up with your good nutrition by posting in the comments section.

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