Replenishing Electrolytes For Your Run!

I hope you are enjoying your summer, the heat is on! 

If you are running in the heat and sweating a lot your body will lose electrolytes. 

During a long hot or even short hot run, you could lose valuable minerals from sweating. 

These minerals are important for optimal body functioning.

Electrolyte fluids are an important part of feeling normal during your hot run. The best way to prevent low electrolytes is by drinking fluids before, during and after when you get home. 
Low electrolytes will have your muscles cramping up!

You might even get a little light-headed, dizzy, confused, develop a headache and have nausea.

After your run, you may even experience muscle soreness and a dull headache with increased tiredness. ​​

So next time you go out for an overly hot run an easy way to replenish is with a bottle of water with a pinch of salt.

Or you can always try out some of these products:
 Nuun Hydration tablets, Gu Drink Tabs, Pedialyte replenishing drink.
Gatorade or Powerade are fine but may contain more sugar than you’d like.
Make sure you hydrate with replenishing drinks so you meet your running goals and come back feeling great! 

What are the minerals we sweat out?

FYI: Here are some minerals you sweat out;

After foods for replenishing electrolytes! 

After your run choose foods you can eat as a meal, in a smoothy or make as a juiced drink. chocolate milk cottage cheesevegetable or tomato juice peanut butter celery Lettuce, kale, spinach olives banana sweet potatoes almonds and almond milk cashews tofu yogurt cheese ​​​