How to Start Running Consistently

How to Start Running Consistently

Monday Monday Monday…

It just never stops being Monday…

In all honesty, I sometimes have a hard time with Mondays.

I get lazy with my desires and let the busyness of life plow through the things I really want.
Monday is almost always my start date for a lot of my deepest desires and I’m not alone in this thinking.
A huge percentage of you feel the same; almost 95% of you!

It’s just the way we are!

Consistency Running Training Today

If you’ve just started running, run/walking or walking or have been running for awhile and can’t find consistency…

Or  – If you have all the training plans you need, new outfits, and the perfect weather and still can’t find time to get out there and workout consistently…

You need a better mindset and information on how to get consistent with you workouts!

Here are some tips you need to know to get out there.

  • Look at your desire more seriously. Like any other problem, it needs your immediate attention!
  • Shine the light on your desire!

    How to Start Running Consistently
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  • Grab a paper and write down what you want to be accomplished for this week and this week only.
  • Then schedule it just like an appointment.
  • Write it down and put the paper in a place where you will see it all the time.
  • Do it!
  • If it worked, repeat the process for next week.
  • If it didn’t work, realize this is a learning/turning point for you to take a look at your learning curve. Look at what got in the way and what needs to be changed.
  • Starting any new habit involves the going through of bumps and hurdles. This is par for the course of building a habit and learning.
  • Acknowledge, as with any good habit, building a habit is not an instant process and needs your time.

Your desire is not going to happen by itself you need action.

Why should I write down my desire? ~ How to Start Running Consistently

  • We tend to not skip out on appointments if they are written down and scheduled.
  • You can see what you are learning and what will work best for you!
  • You will have an easier time figuring out how you are going to wrap your mind around your desire. If you see it in front of you throughout your day it’s easier for you to comprehend how to get there.

How to start running consistently in this running video.

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  1. Great tips! It is not easy to keep up a habit like running especially if you are just beginning a regular program. It takes time to get there, love your encouraging words to keep us going long enough to actually miss it if we don’t! I so admire your passion for this activity. XO

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