How To Run Long On Your Weekend Runs

The best time to do a long run is on the weekend.

Try to run it once a week or every 7 to 10 days!

The long run builds your endurance and running economy!How to run long on your weekend runs

– You’ll eventually be able to run for many hours and understand how to preserve your energy! Adding more mileage to your long runs each week will have you running much more efficient on your shorter runs too. You’ll find they feel easier and you’re able to go faster!

“What a great way to building your running confidence!”

Long runs are enjoyable runs!

Because you are able to take the long run slow and not have to overexert yourself, long runs tend to be more enjoyable than other training runs. If the weather is good and the trails or roads right, it’s like going for a long enjoyable car ride floating through nature.

Make sure you run the long run slow!How to run long on your weekend long runs

– Make sure you run the long run slow so you’re able to make the longer distance you are aiming for.
– ONLY add 10% more mileage per week.
– Back off every 3 weeks to a shorter rest run.
– Make sure you enjoy and take in your surroundings.
– Take it to the trails or park for enjoyment!

If the 10% rule is complicated for you…

It’s just as easy is as adding 7 to 13 minutes each weekend.
On your third weekend, it can be whatever feels good!
Backing off for 30 minutes to 45 minutes or even 1 hour is fine.
It really depends on you, what your longest distance is and the training plan you are using.

I went out for a long run this weekend and ended up running for 2 hrs in a lot of mud. It was a bit messy but always fun!

Even though it was a little slower than I would have liked, I managed to get in the mileage I needed. Yay!
Finishing up at 16.6 K (a little over 10 miles)

Please watch my video on how I get ready for my weekend long run!
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Have a super week!

How do you organize your long runs?
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