How Do You Breathe When Running?


How Do You Breathe When Running?

Shortness of breath while running can be a common occurrence that happens to a  beginner runner and even an experienced runner. It is a natural symptom that happens when you overexert yourself.  There are reasons for this and ways to control this.

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Read on and I’ll show you how!

Reasons For Shortness Of Breath

There are many reasons for shortness of breath while running. Most of them are normal, but some may be something you should keep a close eye on and others need immediate attention!

The Most Common Reason For Shortness of Breath

You are running too fast for your anaerobic threshold.

Meaning your muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen, so an increase of carbohydrates are burned to compensate this process.

Your muscles then produce a waste product called lactic acid, this lactic acid influences the increase of carbon dioxide; leaving your lungs working very hard in taking in oxygen with expelling increased amounts of carbon dioxide. Hence this causes you to breathe heavier and with more discomfort.

Running too fast too soon is hard on your whole body!

Typical Signs of shortness of Breath

breathing fast
unable to speak normally
using the neck and chest muscles to breathe
improper posture
color change in face red/pale

 How Do You Breathe When Running?

Run in a 2/2 ratio – run two step breathing and two steps breathing out. For a slower running 3/3.
Run at a speed that is slow enough to carry on a conversation.
Run standing upright not bent over.
Warm up with a walk and stretches.

Symptoms to watch for:

Tightness in chest

Asthma or Allergies – Exercise Induced Asthma, which can be relieved with a puffer.
Chest cold/pneumonia
Chest injury
Out of Shape
Always check with your doctor before doing any exercise program!

When Shortness of Breath is Dangerous:

Causing pressure in the chest or pain
Pain in the arms
If symptoms persist more than 5 minutes after, seek immediate medical attention. You could be having a heart attack!
These symptoms should never be taken lightly. Even if you feel these once before, during or after a run you should contact your doctor immediately about the situation.

Most times shortness of breath can be alleviated when you stop running or switch your running to a walk. A good word to note is to listen to what your body is telling you. If there is a pain, stop…Pushing past the limit could set you back to a point of not enjoying a running program.

Please leave a comment in the comments section if you’ve had problems with breathing and running before.

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