Following a plan and scheduling it through to the end…

What is it that got me running 50K and seeing it through to the end?


Following a Plan and Scheduling

it’s all about making the goal date, using a plan, scheduling my time and holding myself to it.

This is something that I have found that makes life easier…

The Daily Schedule — It speaks to me every day!


Doing this helped me figure out when I have to work and when I get to play.

I love to run and really wanted to train and run this 50K.

There are free times in each day where I can do that. I had to figure out my schedule around my kids schooling, my home-business, my home life, regular house work and just regular living.

Life for me changed when I connected myself with my schedule. The schedule brings you to a smoother calmer living…You know what you are doing each day.

Now I can’t live without it!


If you are having problems trying to fit something that you love to do into your day.  Follow a plan and schedule it through to the end. You’ll be happy to see how much free time you really have!

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Let me know in the comments section what you do for good planning and scheduling.


  1. Sounds so simple and is so brilliant. In anything we really want to accomplish we must put it into existance which means putting it ito time and space. I schedule calls, conversations as well as tasks. Having a plan is a must.

    1. It is so simple and brilliant we all must do it to recognize how much simpler life gets!:)

    1. I usually don’t plan in the morning for work stuff, but it’s a bonus if I get it done! 🙂

  2. Having a plan where you can see it every day works wonders. You are right, including time for yourself in that plan is super important. We all need time to do those things we love and that being us peace of mind. Plans help us to achieve our goals and allow us to see how far we have come. Great advice!

    1. Time for yourself is important, it gives down time to spawn out unforgettable ideas 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Norma! Sometimes I’m in a fix and think, “why didn’t that work.” It’s usually because it was written down and put somewhere.

  3. My plans are all on my calendar, I am always adjusting, and often running out of room…. but learning not to over extend myself ~ on purpose lol. My life has taken on more social media lately……… that makes a difference! Great article Gilly 🙂

    1. Thanks Cheryl, social media has added to my list to dos too. All the more to keep that schedule 🙂

  4. I’m a fan of scheduling! I try to schedule everything because this makes me more productive and I feel good about my day! I’m positive that if we schedule our time for exercising, will become easiest to keep the habit!

    1. Scheduling does make you happy because there are things to cross off and say, “done!”

  5. You are so right. A schedule and sticking to it is the best way to really reach your goals. A schedule helps redirect any excuses that might come up. It seems life is filled with interruptions so the schedule is helpful in prioritizing those interruptions. Thanks for this encouragement to make a schedule and stick to it.

    1. You’re welcome Pat, I wouldn’t be able to function properly without a schedule. Almost like I’m lost when I don’t have one! 🙂

  6. Plan the big stuff first, then the little stuff will fit in. I’m always challenged with keeping a schedule, I tend to be more spontaneous so I’ve learnt to plan the big stuff with some flexibility in it. For example, I will go for a walk today but not sure exactly when.

    1. Heather I used to be very spontaneous, but now I can’t because of kids and family obligations and so on…I just have to stick to a schedule 🙂

  7. I refer to most people as jugglers. Juggling this priority with that one, paying attention to this thing one minute and something else the next. The more balls (projects, priorities) you have in the air at any given time, the most important the schedule becomes. Schedules and to do lists keep me sane.

    1. I love the way you do that Tekara, what a great idea I’m going to have to try 🙂

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