Finding Time For Running

Finding Time For Running Today

I can’t think of a better way to clear the mind than finding time for running in your life!finding time for running

Running is one of those sports you can take anywhere and a great way to clear your mind, but there are times when running is hard to position into your week. When you’ve got children, a husband, pets, a job and a house to run, running can be hard…

How do you find the time for running?

Running is truly my sport that I love and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same. There are weeks where I can’t find time for myself including finding time for running, so I dig through my schedule and focus on finding time for running. This is all so I can obtain a peace of mind and refocus in life.
Finding Time For Running

Here are 10 great ways to find time for running…

  1. Wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning and go for a morning run.
  2. Bring your running clothes to work and run home. If you commute or carpool run a couple of kilometers from your house, the subway station or bus.
  3. Run in the mall and then around the outside of the mall after shopping, Just make sure you wear your running attire that you just bought…
  4. Run for half your lunch. Run first and then eat the last 15 minutes after you’ve showered.
  5.   Save 1 day in the weekend and make it an appointment to do your long run. You won’t be available for anyone at this time.
  6.   Make a schedule on your calendar of the days you fit in for your week of running.
  7.   Choose your time wisely, instead of watching TV just go for a quick run!
  8. Carry clean running stuff where ever you go just in case you can find a spare moment to run.
  9.    Book and train for a 5K race, so you are motivated in finding time during the week to train.
  10.  If you’re feeling lazy start going for a walk and finish your last 20 minutes with a run/walk or run!

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