Chi Running for Beginners


ChiRunning has the perfect program for Beginner Runners and Walkers!

  • 490You learn to move from a more natural state preventing injuries and increasing enjoyment.
  • You learn better posture run/walking through baby steps.
  • You become more familiar with breathing better.
  • You transform your health to a better place of mindful living!

Where did ChiRunning originate?

A quick explanation about ChiRunning and how it became…

Danny Dreyer discovered there was a connection between T’ai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts movements and integrating these movements to produce better more efficient running. He had been running for years and decided he needed to implement better movements in running to stay active. T’ai Chi movements he observed, improved the mechanics of the body while performing walking and running and relating them with T’ai Chi.

Having already learned the T’ai Chi movements before he discovered the correct science of running and walking! This involved changing body movements that our bodies had all forgotten and resetting them back to the movement mechanics we had as children.

He discovered the most efficient way for our bodies to move again!

He later concentrated his teachings in his book and videos collaborating with his wife Katherine Dreyer on getting the technique down right. Hundreds and thousands of people of all ages are using the Chiliving programs today and moving pain free.


Danny Dreyer believes…

Moving from your center mass creates a strong center in you, this knowledge is innate in all of us! We unfortunately after living life, have unlearned the proper postures with walking and running.

His premise: If you set up your posture properly and create a strong center, your limbs will follow! Your body uses the force of gravity by balancing slightly forward to propel you gently forward. It is a much more natural and easier motion.

Limbs are more relaxed with larger muscles of the core doing most of the work.  Small muscles which are the muscles we most commonly use and are injury prone, experience a relaxed and gentle movement.

How do ChiRunning and ChiWalking Relate with Martial Arts?

Martial Arts and (T’ai Chi) started in China and was based on movement and forms from animals. Animals move from their center with their limbs following through to the center of mass.

Learning this kind of movement is especially important for older adults and seniors, so to live a longer active life. For the ease of learning, chiwalking it is important part to all programs. Living with this kind of freedom of movement produces a natural efficiency and transforms your walking or running using a 10 step training program.

ChiRunning and walking is more like a process of discovery than just following a set of rules. (Quoted by Danny and Katherine Dreyer in their book Chi Running) in the ~ A revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running.

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Please enjoy the first video lesson of Danny Dreyer teaching the ChiWalking posture and alignment.






  1. Very informative article, Gilly! I have never heard of ChiRunning and ChiWalking. The video by Danny Dreyer teaching the ChiWalking posture and alignment is great! Thank you for sharing this!

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