Believe in Yourself!

Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself

Have you ever wondered what stopped you from believing in yourself, moving forward and getting the dreams that you’ve been dreaming about?

Maybe getting into good shape was one of them!

Sometimes I become frustrated with things in my life and I just sit thinking to myself of all the things I wish I had done then I’d feel more satisfied…

  • I wish I was skinny.
  • I wish I could run faster.
  • I wish I had a lot more money.

Learn to Run – Believe in Yourself!

I forget sometimes that I have the power within me to think positively and beleive in what I have to do to get myself to where I want to go in life…

You’re maybe so conditioned of being in a state of, “hope or wish”‘ – you might sometimes forget that you truly need to believe in yourself and allow your situation to move through change so you implement action.

To become a walker to a runner, you need to have a great plan. 

Once you have a plan made, then you have to find a plan that is at your level. So if you are a new runner and want to be consistent, You have to follow learning stages to get you to successful. If you jump ahead, those stages are gone and your motivation is lost.

“It’s not something that happens overnight, it happens by implementing steps. Nothing will change in your life unless you keep going by believing in yourself every step of the way!”

What Keeps You Motivated? – Believe in Yourself

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Knowing that you have a good plan for exercise and diet. Learn to Run
  • Having a positive vision for looking better.
  • Having a positive feeling for feeling better.
  • Keeping a positive attitude when you are struggling.
  • Progressing at your own pace.
  • Monitoring  plans on a regular basis so that you have room for change if needed.
  • Keeping a journal or daily diary so you can monitor changes and keep track.


Believe in Yourself

A nice little motivational tool is to get a picture of yourself when you where fit or a picture of someone who you would love to be as fit as and put it at the front of your journal, the fridge or your closet. This will remind you to beleive in yourself and why you have the goal – you are seeking.

Really, most of us run in the beginning not because we want to, but because we feel we need to. One day you will believe in yourself and run because you will truly want to.

Believe in Yourself! 
Watch this video, it’s so amazing!



  1. I love the video, Gill, it reinforces your message perfectly! Without a plan, the chances of quitting or getting hurt are multiplied but, with one, the chances of SUCCESS are what are multiplied. (It's true in running … and in everything else in life!)

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