Are You RunWalking with Good Posture?

The most important aspect of running and walking is your posture!

Once you get it right everything works better, injuries and energy are saved, you won’t tire early or encounter some usual aches and pains.

So enjoy your time outside by getting your posture right!Chi Walking Danny Dreyer Disk



Is this what you do?


  1. Do you bend at the waist?
  2. Look at the ground?
  3. Are your shoulders stiff ?
  4. Are you on your toes or heels?
  5. Do you walk or run more leaning on one side of your body?
  6. Do you drag your feet?
  7. Are your hands swinging?
  8. Are you leaning too far forward?
  9. Do you limp?
  10. Does it hurt?

Are You Running or Walking with Good Posture?

I had a bad habit some time ago while running and even walking with bad posture. When I  started to get tired during these activities, I would bend at the waist and look at the ground. I experienced injury after injury and never felt completely refreshed after my walking and running moments.

I was plagued with needless hip, foot and ankle injuries to name a few. It didn’t matter what I did to try to correct my problems because at the time I had no idea it had to do with my posture!

My Running Posture prevented me from doing well in races and I really just felt  like I  was falling apart, hence I  felt very unsuccessful.

I was EVEN thinking…

“I’m getting TOO old!”

You are never too OLD!

It’s pretty discouraging when you don’t know what the problem is, I was thinking my running days were over…


But…All it had to do with was my silly posture!971


How do YOU change your bad posture to good posture?

  1. Keep you back straight.
  2. Always try to scan and look about 20 feet in front of you.
  3. Keep your core strong.
  4. Neck and shoulders should be relaxed.
  5. Your weight should be centered over your feet.
  6. Then…  put one foot in front of the other.

We do everyday walking…

We saunter to the kitchen, living room, to the elevator, car, to the mall, down the beach, around the block!

Running is an exercise of choice…

Both need the attention of great posture! Overtime we start to shrink and feel uncomfortable by  not paying attention to good posture.

Your mother was right, good posture not only makes you look good, but also is good for your well-being and your health.

By applying good posture today, you are planting goodness to your health for life inside and out!

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Please leave a comment  and tell me  about your running or walking posture!