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For those who haven’t responded to the questionnaire, I only ask you to answer this one question.

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I really need help in knowing what questions you need answered about running – so I don’t miss anything for you in my awaited Running Manual.

This manual will inform you about running and run/walking.

The manual will transform your running and walking by providing you with programs, plans, goals and ideas on making your life more active!

I am collaborating all my past information and merging it with new, squeaky clean information that I’ve gathered over the years from my experience teaching, coaching and researching.

Stay focused, consistent, and goal oriented!

Use this manual to keep you motivated!
You will learn how to become conscious of your exercise limits and stay injury free no matter how old you are. There will even be a special section for us older folks who love to stay active, with tips on how to prevent over training and stress.

This manual will have you enjoying your exercise time!

From learning new techniques for daily runs and run/walks, to building a good core. You’ll be learning proper posture and nutrition for fueling and replenishing your body. And when your ready to go, you’ll have information on how to find the right running shoes and more!

You’ll run Feeling Invigorated, Happy and Challenged, while still feeling energized to the Days end!
… Well most days 🙂 …
Learning how to slowly build your mileage and knowing what to do each week to see accomplishments.

A Tired Body is an Inefficient Body for Exercise

If you’re running too much you will never being able to see your potential because your body is too tired!
A tired body’s metabolism slows down to compensate and calories don’t burn efficiently. The result is you’ll feel tired, slow and bloated.
So to see accomplishments, you’ll understand from this manual when things in your program need to change.

You will love how this Manual changes your way of thinking!

From the negative voice that tells you, “You are too old to run!” to the positive voice that says “I can do anything!”

Your life and learning running will change to heights you never thought!
I’ll also be adding training advice for races to make you run faster, run longer and have you just down right —- enjoying your runs.

You will feel transformed with this manual and understand, “You Are A Runner!”

You’ll become seasoned by staying consistent, positive and on track (no pun intended) — While completing your goals and watching the amazing changes in your physical life!

I’m 50 years old!
I have been running for 35 years and love running every step of the way…

I do have bad days, but they are easy to forget. The good days out number the bad days by thousands of thousands of miles!
Stay tuned!
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