4 Reasons Why Running is Good for Your Body

4 Reasons Why Running is Good for Your Body!4 Reasons Why Running is Good for Your Body - girls running

 Running helps to alleviate stress and depression.

     1.  You’ve probably fought to go running at the end of a tiring day, but you manage to dig deep and go. The surprising part is you are much happier on the return. The positive for you is you are a happier person for your body.

4 Reasons Why Running is Good For Your Body – You feel almost transformed in such a positive way!

This positive energy can last up to 12 to 24 hours! There’s a whole lot of good happening deep inside, rewarding you with the flow of this positive energy and sense of calm. Running creates a shield by releasing happy hormone endorphins which create a barrier against feelings of stress, low confidence and depression.

Why Running is good – Running helps to induce intelligence

2.  Aerobic exercise can help boost thinking.

Going for a run before you write a test could have you scoring higher marks. A long-term study (By Arthur Kramer, University of Illinois is man brain -4 reasons why running is good for you.a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Beckman Institute) showed… Adults that exercised aerobically consistently did better on cognitive tests! The part of the brain that goes through aging is spared and has more efficient brain processing than people who don’t exercise.  Kids also benefited from daily exercise helping increase stimulation to important brain mechanics producing a positive neurological impact. All the more reason to take your kids for a run or walk!


4 Reasons Why Running is Good for Your Body - Learn to Run and get rid of stress!Why Running is good for you – Running is a great problem solver.

3.  Have you ever gone running/(walking) and on the return have the answers to long sitting problems?

The part of your brain that’s on overdrive is actually able to rest and let the other part of your brain do the figuring out! This is easy for you because it happens to be the right side of your brain, the intuitive part that has all the answers. You are able to tap into the amazing. Try it… You will be pleasantly surprised.

Why Running is the best exercise – Running slows the aging
process in your body.

From your brain down to your toes, you are doing better!

Some of the positives for exercise while aging is better muscle tone, increased blood flow and 4 Reasons Why Running is Good for Your Bodyincreased cleansing breaths. This, in turn, helps you to process crystal clear information, maintain better posture and prevent degenerative diseases. So follow a plan doing some kind of exercise aerobically and consistently and sign up for my Learn to Run Program. All it takes is 3 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes!


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