They say water is the elixir of life!

Believe it! 

There are so many good reasons to drink water. 

Water is really all we need sometimes to pull us out of a slump. Most times we walk around in life totally oblivious to the fact the we are thirsty. You might complain of a sore back or knee. Maybe you have a headache or just plain feel tired and depressed. All you need is to drink water!

I’ve heard some people say they never drink water. They just don’t feel the need.

Water is the reason you don’t age.

If you never drink water, then you are always wilting.
If you just drink little bits of water through the week. 
Your organs are suffering and you will have moments where you can’t think straight. 
Then you’ll have moments where you’ll just feel lousy.
You might forgo your run or walk, you might say you’re coming down with something.
You might even go to the doctors for a sore throat.

When all you need to do is drink water!

Look at your lips, look at your tongue, look at your skin.
If your lips are cracked, wrinkled and dry.
Your tongue grey and dry looking
Your skin rough, cracked or increasingly wrinkled.
Drink water.
Drink a little bit every 2 hours until you feel better.
Don’t forget to drink water daily.
6 to 8 ounce glasses daily and more if you are exercising.

14 good reasons to drink water!

  1. Good for moisturising skin.
  2. Good for your heart by decreasing your risk of heart attack.
  3. Good for a headache cure, one glass is sometimes all it takes.
  4. Good for curing fatigue and making you feel refreshed.
  5. Good for relieving hunger pains and aiding in weight loss by curbing appetite.
  6. Good for flushing toxins out of cells and keeping them plump. 
  7. Good for reducing some risks of cancer like colon, bladder and breast.
  8. Great for exercise and feeling good.
  9. Great for cell function and transportation of nutrients.
  10. Excellent for lubricating your joints including the spine by helping cushion joints.
  11. Excellent for flushing your whole digestive system and making it easier to digest food.
  12. Great for weight loss by increasing metabolism.
  13. Great for preventing constipation and the uncomfortable feelings that go along with elimination.
  14. Excellent at stopping lethargy.
Have a great run and drink water!