How to Prevent Shin Splints When Running

7 Great Ways On How To Prevent Shin Splints When Running  Shin splints can be caused by worn out shoes. Around 400 miles is long enough to run in running shoes. Put the date you bought your shoes under the shoe tongue tag and keep an eye on your mileage. (Use a journal or app on […]

Be Your Own Running Pace Predictor

Change your motivation running today, this activity is fun!  Be Your Own Running Pace Predictor Know your pace and become more knowledgeable about yourself and how you feel about your running speed. Knowing your running pace zones is the first step to getting better at challenging yourself during your run.   Practicing your running pace […]

Consistency Running

Consistency. Why is it so bloody hard to master? Mostly because the thing we are trying to master is new and maybe a wee bit out of our comfort zone. Say, for example, you are trying to run every single week in the month of February. So… You go out and run on Tuesday, then Wednesday and then again […]