Remedies for Chafing

Remedies for Chafing List from worst to best… A continuous rubbing of the skin in an area during running can cause a burning sensation and red rash. Places on the skin where you sweat, stay moist and have friction are the worst! The nipple area, underarm areas, feet and anywhere where skin rubs to close […]

Why Do We Need Running Shoes?

Why do we need running shoes? This is an interesting question… While shoes are hugely in the market for keeping your feet healthy, things I have experienced have made me feel otherwise. With the frenzy of injury while running, we are so eager to get the right fitted running shoe. Protection while running is extremely […]

Learn to Run Today

Learn to Run Today! Young or old it doesn’t matter when you start!   This is a running program for beginners who want to learn to run today by gently starting from a run/walk program. After 6 weeks you will be running 4 to 5 Kilometers About 30 minutes of complete running! By accomplishing goals […]

The Reasons For Sore Legs From Running

Reasons for Sore Legs From Running beginning a running program overdoing a new activity a medical condition These maybe some reasons why you have sore leg muscles from running. If you have exerted yourself running or doing another physical activities, it’s best to take a day or two off then go back and train gradually. […]