Learn to run a 5K in 6 weeks

Learn To Run a 5K in 6 Weeks The┬áscenario┬ámay go like this… You start running and feel good and you might even run 5 or 6 days a week. But when it all comes down to it you feel a bit lost on what direction or goals you’re moving towards. How to train for a […]

Running… My First 5K Tips

If you are interested in Learning to run or running a 5K race, here are some 5K tips to keep you informed! Running my first 5K Tips Tip #1. Always warm up before you start  run/walking or running. Walk for 10 minutes, jog on the spot, do jumping jack or side lunges. Any dynamic movements […]

Chi Running For Beginners

I’ve talked about proper running form before and how when you’re a beginner runner having proper posture is crucial to good running. There are many different posture programs that offer great ways to get you running in good form. The program that I recommend  is Chi Running.  You can unlearn how to run by wearing heavily […]