Walking before running…

 Lots of people ask me this ONE question when they want to learn to run… “How long should I be walking before running?”  There is an easy answer to this if you’re in pretty good shape already or live an active lifestyle. Usually one week of good walking will get your body ready to start […]

Running Shoes That Prevent Shin Splints

Do you have shin splints? When you have shin splints, you’ll experience the dreaded sharp pain on the inside or front of your shin while you walk or run. It can be so uncomfortable and can prevent you from running faster times and longer distances. Shin Splints can bring running or learning to run to […]

Should You Stretch Before You Run?

I really want to let you in about a great program so you understand the question, “Should you stretch before you run?” There has been a lot of controversy lately about stretching before a running program and I really want to clear that up for you. Some people are convinced that stretching before you run […]