Long Distance Running Training for Beginners

Long Distance Running Training For Beginners So you’ve been running for 3 months now and you’ve decided you want to run longer distances… Imagine…You… Running 10 kilometers or longer and feeling great!   When you’ve finished reading this post you will understand what kind of plan to look for while adding more mileage to your […]

Investing Time in Exercising

Time exercising is essential for your well-being. Exercise is what keeps you well oiled throughout your entire life. If you cease to exercise, you give your body the chance to stiffen, become unreliable and fall apart. Continued exercise keeps your body limber enough so that you’ll be moving and grooving for years to come! But […]

Jago Holmes personal trainer – www.Couch to – 5K.com

www. Couch to – 5K.com.   5K Training For Beginners Learn to How Run Program (A great program that comes all in one package!) “Jago Holmes Personal Trainer “  Jago Holmes is a Qualified and experienced Trainer who has worked with hundreds of runners successfully!  He has his own 5K Training for Beginners Program! You may be […]