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Monthly Challenge!

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A 12 Day A Month Running Challenge

All it takes is you running 12 Days each month and you will receive a monthly Badge. 

Schedule your runs on your smart phone or calendar.


Plan and write down your “run days” like an appointment.

Stay focused on when and where you are going to run!

Keep going, these are crucial appointments to yourself.


The best part is you build consistency with running.

It’s a great program to aid in reaching your running goals! Goals that you never thought possible!


Tips that will help you stay on track running.

1.  Stay focused on when, the time and where you are running each day.
2.  Use a smartphone and set your notifications.
3.  plan  3 outfits to wear for running so you are ready to run!
4.  Mentally picture yourself out there running and that will motivate you to get out there.

It only takes you running consistently 3X a week and earn a badge for the month!

Proof of Running –

Screenshots from a running app that records your run.

Nike Plus Running Club, Strava, RunKeeper

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Keep On Running Challenge