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Running Headache

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 The Symptoms of a Running Headache

Your head is pounding and throbbing and if someone were to look at you,  they may even see your temples pulsing. Suddenly you realize you’ve been hit with a running headache!running headache

It feels like the blood is rushing to your head and the pressure is building big!

At times it’s uncomfortable, slowing you down to a stop!

This is hard when you’re a new runner, training for a race or trying to run a personal best. 

Running Headaches are more of a nuisance than anything!

This can happen anytime during your run, but most commonly happens at the tail end. When you are racing for the finish this is the time when you really want to give it your all! Running with your head throbbing is hard especially when you want a person best or to just enjoy!

A running headache can last until well after a run and not subside until after you are fully rested.  These headaches are really called exertion headaches and happen when you overexert yourself.  Overexerting will have you tense, causing your neck and shoulder muscles to tighten and restrict blood flow in the surrounding areas.

Find ways to prevent a headache from coming and learn ways to calm it down.

The common change that happens when you run for a long time or run faster is tension building up in your neck, shoulders, and back area.

When you start to feel tired your posture starts to fail and tension builds Your shoulders go up, your back slouches, and you start to bend at the waist.  All this weight is bearing down in the wrong places causing a lot of tension leading to a running headache!Running and Headaches

The tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back area can cause a tension headache and have you slowing down or even stopped in your tracks.

What to do to prevent and get rid of a running headache:

  1.  Keep your shoulders relaxed during your run and be mindful when you feel tired, when your shoulders start to creep up to your ears bring them down.
  2.  Understand, when running is more challenging it’s natural for the body to tense up especially when running hills, increasing speed, or ending a long exhausting run.
  3. Relax your neck by looking not just in front of you but at the scenery beside you in both directions.
  4. Run tall like a string was pulling upwards at your crown and think relaxed when the running becomes intense.
  5. Open up your shoulders and visualize your shoulder blades, in your upper back, coming together.
  6. Give your arms a little shake or roll your shoulders back in one or two circle motions and then in a forward circle motion.
  7. Draw circles in the air with your nose, one way and then reverse. This will loosen up tension in the neck, skull, and shoulder.
  8.  Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe as normal as you are able. Breath using your stomach not your upper chest and shoulders. Breathe in by pulling your stomach out and breathe a long breath out by letting your stomach relax.
  9.  Smile. Try smiling, you’d be amazed at how positive your run will feel and even how your posture all of a sudden corrects itself.
  10. Stop if you have to and walk the rest of the way. Have a drink of water, sometimes dehydration can cause running headaches. Think about relaxing all your muscles and enjoy the walk back.
  11. Ice pack on your head if it’s because of the heat or to cool down.
  12.  Ibuprofen or tylenol.

If your headache does not subside after a few hours, visit your doctor for more information.

Have you experienced headaches while running? Leave a comment in the section below and let me know what you do for the cure.

When To Take A Break From Running

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When To Take A Break From Running

As you become a happier and more relaxed runner, you will feel and see the rewards in getting fit.

  • You’ll feel strong
  • look more toned
  • have more energy in your day.
  • If you do races, you might even find yourself getting faster.
  • If you’ve been trying to take off some weight, you’ll find you’ve finally met your healthy weight.

But sometimes you aren’t seeing the results you should be seeing from running…

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it could be you aren’t consistent enough with your running, eating healthy or following the correct race training for your abilities.

Or it could be you are running too much!

It could be you are running too much or overtraining for your race and not giving yourself a good enough rest.When to take a break from running

This is a common situation that gets ignored from a lot of runners who get caught up in getting out there every day and not listening to their body.

It’s important to pay attention to the way you feel and have running rest days per week. 

“Is it ok to take a day off from running?” 

Absolutely, your body builds muscle and strength on your rest days. A stronger body avoids injury. You don’t want to run into injury problems later and have to interrupt your training by taking a month off from running.

How long does it take to lose running fitness?

You can take up to 3 weeks off. They way I feel it out is the closer I get to those 3 weeks off the harder the training is going to be when I return.

I sometimes get exhausted training for my ultra marathons. Taking a week off during marathon training is my best solution and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything after returning to running after the break!

Have you had a problem with exhaustion and running? Leave a comment, I’d love to know what you’ve done to solve this problem.

How to Eat Clean for Beginners

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If you are struggling with your weight or maybe trying to get this food thing down to clean eating here are a few tips on “how to eat clean for beginners”.

 Eating Clean For Beginners

1. Try cutting out anything that is white. (White rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.)

2. Eat whole grains, natural fats, whole fruits, and vegetables.How to eat clean for beginners

3. Eating clean has you filling your plate with 3 different colored fruits or vegetables combined. At least fill your plate with 60 percent fruit and/or vegetables.

4. Only eat a fist-sized portion for the main dish, for example, fish, meat or rice.

5. Eat good fats, carbs, and proteins, this includes fish, lean meats, nuts, and grains.

6. Do not mix your good food meals with trans-fats, processed or refined foods.

7. Eat food you understand the ingredients. There are so many ingredients that don’t make sense to our bodies and are just chemicals we don’t need.

8. Keep your meals nutritionally balanced and stay away from packaged foods that have long ingredients you don’t understand. Boxed foods are usually located in the middle aisles of your grocery story. If you fill your cart in mostly the outside aisles, the food is real. (If a 5-year-old doesn’t understand them, then your body won’t either…)

9. Make sure you have at least 10 grams of a protein-rich snack or meal within an hour after your run or workout. This helps to heal active muscles and build them stronger.

10. Drink plenty of water throughout your day so your body can digest food easily. This is great for keeping your insides cleansed and functioning at it’s best.

Why eat clean?

  • You make it easier for your body to break down your foods and utilize the nutrients correctly for energy. The energy that you preciously need for running.How to eat clean for beginners
  • When you eat a combination of chemicals, It has a much harder for your body to convert your meal for energy and break down the good foods you eat. This may be why sometimes a beginner runner or runner may have a difficult run.
  • You want your body to burn your food efficiently. Some of what you eat will sit-on-the-back-burner (so to speak) and wait to be metabolized. If your system (liver) is overworked by having to figure out what to do with the fake food it will eventually store it as fat.
  • If you eat clean, you will have a much easier time losing weight.

Please comment and let me know your experiences and if you’ve tried or not tried clean eating.

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I Ran for Two Weeks Consistently!

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Here’s what I’m going to do for you.
– If you run for 3 days this week and next week (Sunday to Saturday) and you tell me about it here in the comments, I’ll automatically make out a Special Certificate for you!

A certificate that says…

“I completed 2 Consistent Weeks of Running!”unsplash12daysofrunning2weekchallenge

I really want you to get on the run and create consistency now.

Winter is coming and it can be the toughest
time of year to run! 

Little tidbit about me… {I run on the treadmill occasionally, but for the most part I take running out in the cold, wintry snow and wind!}

Believe it or not, I love the fresh cold air!

Keeping consistent running will create a beautiful, healthy body for you.

A body where you understand your limits and mindfully know when to push and when to hold back.

Running is so rewarding and I want you to feel the benefits of consistency today!

Believe in yourself!

Leave a comment below and let me know how it went and you will receive a certificate!

This is only good for the month of October/2016. (You don’t have to worry because I’ll be doing this again!)

If you showed up by surprise and want to get in on the action building consistency running, sign up for my Keep On Running Challenge!


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Remedies for Chafing

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Remedies for Chafing

List from worst to best…

A continuous rubbing of the skin in an area during running can cause a burning sensation and red rash.

Places on the skin where you sweat, stay moist and have friction are the worst!

The nipple area, underarm areas, feet and anywhere where skin rubs to close to skin.

Prevention of Chafing

  • Dehydration can cause sweating which causes chafing, so the remedy to hydrate by drinking plenty of water, 1 or 2 glasses of water an hour before going for a walk or run.
  • Pour powder into the folded part of a tissue and fold close the ends and use as a powder puffer.
  • Vaseline apply thinly to skin area that rub, and in skin folds.
  •  dab olive oil on the areas.
  • Body Glide applied thinly.
  • Wear less abrasive clothing nylon and some combinations of synthetic clothing can be the worst. If you have to wear this clothing protect the areas with compression pants or tights. A synthetic bra with no seams or seams that are not in prone areas and that are not bunched, but rolled seamed edges.
  • moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coolmax and Drifit is  Dri-FIT, 45% polyester/39% nylon/16% spandex jerseys are the best materials. 100% cotton stays wet and can promote chafing.

Please leave a comment in the section below what remedies you use for preventing chafing.


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5 Important Tips to Get YOU Out Running

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imageI want to present to you 5 important tips to get YOU out running and help you stay with your running or run/walking program!

{Please note the word [running] can also mean [walking] for YOU 🙂 }


1.    The 6 week Promise for Running or Run/Walking to a 5K

– First write a note to yourself about what promise you will give yourself for the 6 weeks.  It might be you promise to walk or run 3 days per week to get you to that 5K.
– Then Copy this promise and attach it to the inside of your wallet, on the bathroom mirror,  in front of the kitchen sink or on a door you use often.

Even the wall on the front of  the toilet is a great idea !

(You get the idea, I want You to see this all the time!)

This tip reminds you of your promise and maybe friends or family will join your challenge!

It takes about 21 days to build on a habit… If  you stay true to your promise, wonderful things happen to your body and that’s a promise!

2.    The Calendar to Keep You Running

– Grab a calendar or use your phone calendar app.
– On the Friday of every week, put the date and time you will exercise. This will be appointments you cannot break.
– Set reminders on your phone or hang your calendar where you will see it frequently.

(X) in red the days you have completed. This is one time in your life where the red (X) is positive!

3.    Bypassing the Negative Voice

There will be times when… you just don’t want to go for a run!

When you don’t feel like running or run/walking, that negative voice  can draw you in and tell you to skip your workout.  This could lead to a worse scenario of quitting all together. (Something we are trying to avoid!)

Know this is not your voice because you only want what is  good for YOU!

This is the voice that holds no truth or loyalty for you. As a matter a fact— it loves to see you fail!!!

Here’s a little secrete that works for me.
– Always have clothes you wear for exercising washed and in separate place.

– Take a few slow, but deep breaths and keep moving.  Head over to where your cloths are and get undressed.

– Close your eyes and visualize yourself out there.

–  Put your workout cloths on,  keep breathing slowly and go out that door!

This helps by bypassing the negative voice and gets you going on your mission. This works for me in training,  sometimes I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning! I’ve had times when it’s pouring rain, the wind is howling and it’s difficult to get out there!

I get out there and when I come back , I feel invincible!

—— On the Flip Side ——-
(It’s common to feel like you want to go, go, go…  And once you get into running – you feel tired, tired, tired!)

4.    How do you know you are running too much?

When you start any new activity, you will feel stiff and sore the first week or so. Give yourself this time to take it slow, gentle and easy. I can’t say this enough!

–  Make sure you spread your days apart, so there is time for building and healing those muscles. –  If you are still getting sore and feeling very tired, do not go exercising. – – Give your body 2 days rest.
–  Don’t try to catch up, just continue on. It does not matter if you miss a day or two because of feeling tired, it’s not going to change anything.
– If you are feeling sore and tired every week,  don’t stop! Take your time by slowing your pace, cut 10 minutes off each day and still stick to your schedule. You are lightening your exercise load.
You deserve to be treated gently!

Injuries happen…
Make sure you assess your soreness and if it doesn’t feel better, get it checked by your doctor. There could be an underlining problem that needs to be addressed. I can’t say this enough, always get a doctors pass on your health before you start ANY exercise.

5.    Good Shoes are Important for Running

If you don’t have the right shoes, injuries can happen. Go to your nearest sports specialty shoe store and tell the attendant you need a good running shoe or walking shoe. (if you’re just walking) Ask about the guarantee, Some places let you try the shoes for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, there are no questions asked and you are able to exchange them for another shoe!

I hope I’ve given you a good taste of what is to come, please click on The Running Manual link to find out more about what I’ll be releasing this next month!

Next post
I will review more juicy stuff from The Running Manual! coming soon!
Information about building mileage,  avoiding injuries, ONE Great Tip on knowing your foot type for your shoes and More on how to stay motivated!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or just let me know how you feel about your exercise program!

Why choose a ChiRunning Program?

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Why would you choose a

Chi Program?

There are many reasons for choosing a Chi program, the best reason is it positively changes your life!

Running and walking top the list as one of the most convenient and popular sports to keep you fit! Find a good running shoe, throw on a comfortable outfit and you’re out the door to better health!

Going out the door running has never been so easy!

Going out the door is easy if you are holding a good posture aligned throughout your body! But heading out and continually walking or running with poor posture is the number one reason we get uncomfortable and a huge reason for quitting!

Your Walking and Running Posture For ChiRunning

Our walking or running posture changes as we age because we are living tired and sometimes very stressful lives.

You Need To Pay Attention To Your Posture

As your life continues to keep you busy, you need to pay attention to how you are holding your posture. A slightly curved spine, a slump in the shoulders and cave in the chest make it difficult to do anything comfortably! Especially when it comes to your crucial breathing.

Why choose a ChiRunning Program?

Chi Running

Weight not distributed evenly causes injuries to joints and muscles.

Slumping through the shoulders and bending at the waist puts direct pressure on joints at the hip, knees, ankles and feet. If you walk or run with incorrect posture favoring one side of the body, over a period of time troubles come your way and injuries ensue.

ChiRunning starts out with walking and learning the correct postures for walking and running. By being aware and creating a balance in your posture and engaging your body in a harmonious position, you will feel the energy of life flow through you!

Why choose a ChiRunning Program?

See movement, the invisible energy force of the wind.

This Energy is your Chi!

Tapping into your invisible Chi energy makes movements simplistic, effortless and successful. The balance is there and you feel invigorated during and after the run or walk. Chi energy is like the wind, you can’t see it but you will feel it’s subtle force when using it.

Using Chi energy to move your body is all about putting the effort in, (checking in with yourself on movement learned) at the same time using centered energy (gravity) to move you forward.

Danny Dreyer says it best: When two complementary forces are interacting in a relatively good measure, there is a state of balance and centeredness.

Chi running and walking is engaging your body in a unified way, so you can run that 5K or go for that brisk walk feeling good! The parts of your body that are not meant to be used for big body movement are used properly and the workload is spread to the stronger parts of the body. this just means all parts are doing their rightful job.

Please click on the ChiLiving link to find out more!

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Please comment in the section below how you feel the ChiProgram would help you.

Finding Time For Running

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Finding Time For Running Today

I can’t think of a better way to clear the mind than finding time for running in your life!finding time for running

Running is one of those sports you can take anywhere and a great way to clear your mind, but there are times when running is hard to position into your week. When you’ve got children, a husband, pets, a job and a house to run, running can be hard…

How do you find the time for running?

Running is truly my sport that I love and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same. There are weeks where I can’t find time for myself including finding time for running, so I dig through my schedule and focus on finding time for running. This is all so I can obtain a peace of mind and refocus in life.
Finding Time For Running

Here are 10 great ways to find time for running…

  1. Wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning and go for a morning run.
  2. Bring your running clothes to work and run home. If you commute or carpool run a couple of kilometers from your house, the subway station or bus.
  3. Run in the mall and then around the outside of the mall after shopping, Just make sure you wear your running attire that you just bought…
  4. Run for half your lunch. Run first and then eat the last 15 minutes after you’ve showered.
  5.   Save 1 day in the weekend and make it an appointment to do your long run. You won’t be available for anyone at this time.
  6.   Make a schedule on your calendar of the days you fit in for your week of running.
  7.   Choose your time wisely, instead of watching TV just go for a quick run!
  8. Carry clean running stuff where ever you go just in case you can find a spare moment to run.
  9.    Book and train for a 5K race, so you are motivated in finding time during the week to train.
  10.  If you’re feeling lazy start going for a walk and finish your last 20 minutes with a run/walk or run!

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Learn to be a Good Runner

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You can learn to be a good runner and sign up for my free newsletter and get juicy tips and motivation to keep you running!


Here are 11 tips you can learn to be a good runner.

  1. Wear shoes that  are meant for running and make sure that they are well fitted.
  2. Start your program at the beginning and work through it gradually. (Follow a plan.)
  3. Believe that you can do this and never mind any negative talk. (Do not compare yourself to others.)
  4. Eat balanced small meals through out your day for weight maintenance. (Try not to snack on foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar, and processed foods)
  5. Wear clothing that enhances your running program including good wicking clothes, weather proofing, and night reflector for safety.
  6. Use a watch that has a stop watch, mileage and pace indicator.
  7. Keep your program to every other day, so that you get ample rest days.
  8. Enroll in a 5K race to motivate you.
  9. Run where you love to run, and some. Add variety to your routes!
  10. Always have water close by or if you are going longer distances, (more than an hour) bring an energy drink.
  11. sMiLe

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any more tips to add!


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