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How to Eat Clean for Beginners

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If you are struggling with your weight or maybe trying to get this food thing down to clean eating here are a few tips on “how to eat clean for beginners”.

 Eating Clean For Beginners

1. Try cutting out anything that is white. (White rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.)

2. Eat whole grains, natural fats, whole fruits, and vegetables.How to eat clean for beginners

3. Eating clean has you filling your plate with 3 different colored fruits or vegetables combined. At least fill your plate with 60 percent fruit and/or vegetables.

4. Only eat a fist-sized portion for the main dish, for example, fish, meat or rice.

5. Eat good fats, carbs, and proteins, this includes fish, lean meats, nuts, and grains.

6. Do not mix your good food meals with trans-fats, processed or refined foods.

7. Eat food you understand the ingredients. There are so many ingredients that don’t make sense to our bodies and are just chemicals we don’t need.

8. Keep your meals nutritionally balanced and stay away from packaged foods that have long ingredients you don’t understand. Boxed foods are usually located in the middle aisles of your grocery story. If you fill your cart in mostly the outside aisles, the food is real. (If a 5-year-old doesn’t understand them, then your body won’t either…)

9. Make sure you have at least 10 grams of a protein-rich snack or meal within an hour after your run or workout. This helps to heal active muscles and build them stronger.

10. Drink plenty of water throughout your day so your body can digest food easily. This is great for keeping your insides cleansed and functioning at it’s best.

Why eat clean?

  • You make it easier for your body to break down your foods and utilize the nutrients correctly for energy. The energy that you preciously need for running.How to eat clean for beginners
  • When you eat a combination of chemicals, It has a much harder for your body to convert your meal for energy and break down the good foods you eat. This may be why sometimes a beginner runner or runner may have a difficult run.
  • You want your body to burn your food efficiently. Some of what you eat will sit-on-the-back-burner (so to speak) and wait to be metabolized. If your system (liver) is overworked by having to figure out what to do with the fake food it will eventually store it as fat.
  • If you eat clean, you will have a much easier time losing weight.

Please comment and let me know your experiences and if you’ve tried or not tried clean eating.

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How to Start Running Consistently

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How to Start Running Consistently

Monday Monday Monday…

It just never stops being Monday…

In all honesty, I sometimes have a hard time with Mondays.

I get lazy with my desires and let the busyness of life plow through the things I really want.
Monday is almost always my start date for a lot of my deepest desires and I’m not alone in this thinking.
A huge percentage of you feel the same; almost 95% of you!

It’s just the way we are!

Consistency Running Training Today

If you’ve just started running, run/walking or walking or have been running for awhile and can’t find consistency…

Or  – If you have all the training plans you need, new outfits, and the perfect weather and still can’t find time to get out there and workout consistently…

You need a better mindset and information on how to get consistent with you workouts!

Here are some tips you need to know to get out there.

  • Look at your desire more seriously. Like any other problem, it needs your immediate attention!
  • Shine the light on your desire!

    How to Start Running Consistently

    Join The Challenge!

  • Grab a paper and write down what you want to be accomplished for this week and this week only.
  • Then schedule it just like an appointment.
  • Write it down and put the paper in a place where you will see it all the time.
  • Do it!
  • If it worked, repeat the process for next week.
  • If it didn’t work, realize this is a learning/turning point for you to take a look at your learning curve. Look at what got in the way and what needs to be changed.
  • Starting any new habit involves the going through of bumps and hurdles. This is par for the course of building a habit and learning.
  • Acknowledge, as with any good habit, building a habit is not an instant process and needs your time.

Your desire is not going to happen by itself you need action.

Why should I write down my desire? ~ How to Start Running Consistently

  • We tend to not skip out on appointments if they are written down and scheduled.
  • You can see what you are learning and what will work best for you!
  • You will have an easier time figuring out how you are going to wrap your mind around your desire. If you see it in front of you throughout your day it’s easier for you to comprehend how to get there.

How to start running consistently in this running video.

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Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on how you start a habit of exercise.

Turn Your Problems Around

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Turn Your Problems Around

Wow, what a week!
It’s been a BIG emotional week for Americans and the World, and I wish all the best for all. This is your chance to change my mindset and for You to turn your problems around.

For me, these last few weeks have been more than busy. I’m at the tail end of training for another 50K, and it’s simply been a lot of hard work and dedication.

Believe it or not, it’s very similar to someone putting in the training for a 5K, 10K or even presidency!  Much more intense for the latter nevertheless a lot of focus, drive, consistency, and good mental talk which are exactly the traits you need to accomplish anything.

At times, a focus can take the back seat when things are not working, and we don’t know why. It’s usually because of problems.

Your Can Turn Your Problems Around! 

You are human and are allowed. (Only for a moment)

  • To not want to do things that make your life better,
  • Not to believe you can do things that you really can do.
  • To not want to push yourself when the best part of your life is right around the bend.

Why? (You must think I’m a little crazy!)Turn Your Problems Around

The reason is, If you didn’t have these negative moments in your life, you wouldn’t know what things you need to change.

Hense you will finally be able to push yourself in the right direction.

Most of us look at these negative moments as problems.

Problems can become more problems leading us back into a cycle of problems, and nothing is actually getting fixed.
Not until we look at the problem differently.

“Turn your problems around, instead look at the problem as…”

  • challenges we can change
  • challenges help us see the other side of things
  • challenges make us think and help us map and fix the things we need to fix
  • finally, challenges send us in the right direction

Recognizing moments of negative thinking are excellent signposts to help you with change and flipping things around in your favour.

For example: When you’re feeling lazy and the plan you had was to go for a run. The laziness is your signpost, to get out there and run or at least help you to figure out what remains to be done differently, so you go running next time.

Maybe the only solution is going to bed earlier or running a different time in the day.

Make sure today you are mindful of your negative feelings, that’s your signpost or your indicator for your moment of change.

Please leave a comment and let me know what your indicator is to change your thinking.

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A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make

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  A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make

The biggest mistake beginner runners make, is running too fast.

A common mistake beginner runners make.

A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make

Running too fast when your body at a cellular level isn’t ready can be hard on your body.  While you suffer the feelings of getting out of breath, your body’s intelligence is trying to tell you to slow down.

“Forcing your body to go too FAST,  will have your mind screaming for you to  STOP!”

When you come to a stumbling halt because you have nothing more to give, this can be daunting for the beginner runner trying to learn to run.

Even a runner who has been running for awhile can make this mistake and suffer problems with fatigue followed by the issue of lack of motivation. The result will be running just feels hard.

There are easy things you can do to supply your lungs to muscles with continual oxygen, so you are running comfortably. Let’s go over what That is.

A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make

Trail running fun.


First, you need to recognize if you are running too fast.

A Common Mistake Beginner Runners Make – How does a beginner runner know when they are running too fast?

  • You breathe heavily throughout the run, never seeming to feel good and always gasping and fighting for more breaths!
  • Muscles feel tight and sluggish, and you can’t seem to get into the run.
  • You’re sweating a lot even when you’ve not gone far.
  • You’re rescuing yourself by walking many sessions then you need, to make up for running too fast.
  • You feel as though you might be sick during and/or after your run.
  • You put too many off days in between your runs; you’re too tired and just can’t find the strength or motivation to get out there.
  • After your run, you come home glued to the couch for the rest of the day.

When you get to this point where running just feels so hard, you lose motivation.

It’s time to reinvent new goals for running! Push your ego out of the way and learn to run by simply using the Run/Walk Method.

Signing up for this Free Learn to Run Program will have you running a 5K in 6 weeks!

Slow running does not mean always running slow, your body will know when It’s ready to go!

For now, you want to stay with comfortable running and gradually let your body become accustomed to running. The key is to build slowly and run consistently over a six week period.

Sign up and follow along for six weeks, you will feel energetic and in tune with your body, mind and soul. You’ll know when it’s ok to go fast and when it’s time to hold back and slow down.

— Pick your goal . – find a good plan.  – Learn to run.  – Get out there and do it consistently!

Watch video here.


Are you listening to what your body is trying to tell you?

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

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50 Ways to keep You Running!

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50 Ways to Keep You Running

The biggest reasons you are having a difficult time is because running can be hard to stick to. If you don’t know what to do to keep running consistently and at the same time enjoying yourself, you will quit.  Too many challenges running or not enough will set you on a dead-end path.  Learn how to run, while having fun! 

50 Ways to Keep You Running

Keep You Running

This book 50 Ways to Keep you Running, I recommend for new runners and seasoned runners who want to stay consistent and learn how to run towards their running goals.

A Manual For Learning to Run Coming Soon!

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imageThank you all who participating in the Running Questionnaire!

For those who haven’t responded to the questionnaire, I only ask you to answer this one question.

Here is the link

I really need help in knowing what questions you need answered about running – so I don’t miss anything for you in my awaited Running Manual.

This manual will inform you about running and run/walking.

The manual will transform your running and walking by providing you with programs, plans, goals and ideas on making your life more active!

I am collaborating all my past information and merging it with new, squeaky clean information that I’ve gathered over the years from my experience teaching, coaching and researching.

Stay focused, consistent, and goal oriented!

Use this manual to keep you motivated!
You will learn how to become conscious of your exercise limits and stay injury free no matter how old you are. There will even be a special section for us older folks who love to stay active, with tips on how to prevent over training and stress.

This manual will have you enjoying your exercise time!

From learning new techniques for daily runs and run/walks, to building a good core. You’ll be learning proper posture and nutrition for fueling and replenishing your body. And when your ready to go, you’ll have information on how to find the right running shoes and more!

You’ll run Feeling Invigorated, Happy and Challenged, while still feeling energized to the Days end!
… Well most days 🙂 …
Learning how to slowly build your mileage and knowing what to do each week to see accomplishments.

A Tired Body is an Inefficient Body for Exercise

If you’re running too much you will never being able to see your potential because your body is too tired!
A tired body’s metabolism slows down to compensate and calories don’t burn efficiently. The result is you’ll feel tired, slow and bloated.
So to see accomplishments, you’ll understand from this manual when things in your program need to change.

You will love how this Manual changes your way of thinking!

From the negative voice that tells you, “You are too old to run!” to the positive voice that says “I can do anything!”

Your life and learning running will change to heights you never thought!
I’ll also be adding training advice for races to make you run faster, run longer and have you just down right —- enjoying your runs.

You will feel transformed with this manual and understand, “You Are A Runner!”

You’ll become seasoned by staying consistent, positive and on track (no pun intended) — While completing your goals and watching the amazing changes in your physical life!

I’m 50 years old!
I have been running for 35 years and love running every step of the way…

I do have bad days, but they are easy to forget. The good days out number the bad days by thousands of thousands of miles!
Stay tuned!
Here is the link to answer the ONE question 🙂
Thank you again!
Click on the highlighted link that says Questionnaire 🙂

Thanks and best regards,


What should you eat after a work out?

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What foods should you eat after exercise?

Feeling really good after a work out is important; this is why you want to watch your food portions, eat foods rich in nutrients and make sure you are eating at the right time after exercise for good fat burning.

Your metabolism, burning calories and healing after your workout is detrimental for healing muscles and weight loss, requiring different amounts of calories depending on your body size, great nutrition and timing.


But really…

It all comes down to these three answers.

  1. What do you eat after work out?
  2. How much do you eat?
  3. When do you eat post exercise?

 What are the best Natural Foods to eat after a work out?

Foods rich in carbohydrates and protein are best foods at getting into the body to heal muscles and restore lost energy.

The best natural foods that contain carbohydrates and proteins for recovery and weight loss are: Foods that contain a higher glucose for restoring glycogen and promoting muscle growth.

  • Bananas
  • blueberries
  • kiwi
  • pineapple
  • honeydew melon
  • orange (experiment with…Some people get uncomfortable stomach issues)
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • raspberries


Nutrient Dense colourful Vegetables

  • spinach
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • avocado
  • yams/sweet potato
  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • zucchini

Meat and Alternatives

  • soy
  • tofu
  • eggs (free range)
  • chicken
  • fish
  • beef (lean grass fed)
  • brown rice/wild rice
  • whey protein shakes
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • raisins
  • dates

*(Foods such as bananas, pear, watermelon, apple cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries and raspberries are also great pre-work out foods.) These foods raise blood sugar (fructose) and help aid in fat burning.

How much is too much to eat?

Lots of times coming back after running, run/walking or walking, (Hopefully you are learning ChiLiving) you feel the need to reward yourself and end up eating calories that spill into way too much! Eating in moderation, watching portions and adding consistent exercise will have you in a great zone for weight loss! You need a 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound!

  • Eat 400 to 450 calories post exercise for a smaller person under 150 pounds
  • Eat 450 to 500 calories post exercise for a larger framed person over 150 pounds.


Eating around this calorie range you can be assured you won’t be overeating.

So…over the course of a week you can also reduce calories nicely by knowing the following calorie burning tips!

You burn roughly …

  • 100 – 150 calories/hr from walking
  • 150 – 200 calories/hr from run/walking
  • 200 – 300 calories/hr from running

A great tip to measure calories for food if you want to lose weight is using a simple 1 cup measuring cup.

When do you eat post exercise?

The key is to eat 20 to 60 minutes after the workout, this is the time your body craves the nutritious fuel.  Eating at this opportune time helps your body manufacture those nutrients like glucose by restoring glycogen in the muscle and liver cells and using it for recovery and building muscle. Unfortunately after you pass this doorway of opportunity (20 to 60 minutes), your healing and muscle building efficiency slowly diminishes, consequently the likelihood of food being stored as fat is higher.

Engaging yourself in these tips of what to eat after a work out will have replenished, refreshed, happy and on your way to a better weight loss!

Learn ChiRunning or ChiWalking by clicking on this link!

or Click on this link to go directly to ChiRunning Website!

If you are A beginner runner or want to learn how, please sign up on the right for my…

Newsletter for free tips, a Free 5K Schedule and a Free Report on the 10 Mistakes Beginner Runners Make! 

Please let me know in the comments section what your favorite food its after you’ve exercised!





Congratulations to the Winner of the ChiProgram!

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Congratulations to Cheryl who one the ChiRunning or Walking program!
It was a fun and exciting contest, I know Cheryl will enjoy the program!

I will be running a contest again, so stay tuned!

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Win a ChiLiving Program!

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Enter and win a ChiLiving Program!

contest starts June 1st, 2014!

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Chi Running for Beginners

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ChiRunning has the perfect program for Beginner Runners and Walkers!

  • 490You learn to move from a more natural state preventing injuries and increasing enjoyment.
  • You learn better posture run/walking through baby steps.
  • You become more familiar with breathing better.
  • You transform your health to a better place of mindful living!

Where did ChiRunning originate?

A quick explanation about ChiRunning and how it became…

Danny Dreyer discovered there was a connection between T’ai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts movements and integrating these movements to produce better more efficient running. He had been running for years and decided he needed to implement better movements in running to stay active. T’ai Chi movements he observed, improved the mechanics of the body while performing walking and running and relating them with T’ai Chi.

Having already learned the T’ai Chi movements before he discovered the correct science of running and walking! This involved changing body movements that our bodies had all forgotten and resetting them back to the movement mechanics we had as children.

He discovered the most efficient way for our bodies to move again!

He later concentrated his teachings in his book and videos collaborating with his wife Katherine Dreyer on getting the technique down right. Hundreds and thousands of people of all ages are using the Chiliving programs today and moving pain free.


Danny Dreyer believes…

Moving from your center mass creates a strong center in you, this knowledge is innate in all of us! We unfortunately after living life, have unlearned the proper postures with walking and running.

His premise: If you set up your posture properly and create a strong center, your limbs will follow! Your body uses the force of gravity by balancing slightly forward to propel you gently forward. It is a much more natural and easier motion.

Limbs are more relaxed with larger muscles of the core doing most of the work.  Small muscles which are the muscles we most commonly use and are injury prone, experience a relaxed and gentle movement.

How do ChiRunning and ChiWalking Relate with Martial Arts?

Martial Arts and (T’ai Chi) started in China and was based on movement and forms from animals. Animals move from their center with their limbs following through to the center of mass.

Learning this kind of movement is especially important for older adults and seniors, so to live a longer active life. For the ease of learning, chiwalking it is important part to all programs. Living with this kind of freedom of movement produces a natural efficiency and transforms your walking or running using a 10 step training program.

ChiRunning and walking is more like a process of discovery than just following a set of rules. (Quoted by Danny and Katherine Dreyer in their book Chi Running) in the ~ A revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running.

Click on the ChiRunning banner to find out how to acquire the 10 step lessons or on this ChiRunning/ChiWalking Link!

Enter and win a program at the bottom of article!

Please let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are about good posture and Chilivng.

Please enjoy the first video lesson of Danny Dreyer teaching the ChiWalking posture and alignment.






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