Are You RunWalking with Good Posture?

The most important aspect of running and walking is your posture!

Once you get it right everything works better, injuries and energy are saved, you won’t tire early or encounter some usual aches and pains.

So enjoy your time outside by getting your posture right!Chi Walking Danny Dreyer Disk






Is this what you do?

  1.  Do you bend at the waist?
  2. Look at the ground?
  3. Are your shoulders stiff ?
  4. Are you on your toes or heels?
  5. Do you walk or run more leaning on one side of your body?
  6. Do you drag your feet?
  7. Are your hands swinging?
  8. Are you leaning too far forward?
  9. Do you limp?
  10. Does it hurt?


Are You Running or Walking with Good Posture?

I had a bad habit some time ago while running and even walking with bad posture. When I  started to get tired during these activities, I would bend at the waist and look at the ground. I experienced injury after injury and never felt completely refreshed after my walking and running moments.

I was plagued with needless hip, foot and ankle injuries to name a few. It didn’t matter what I did to try to correct my problems because at the time I had no idea it had to do with my posture!

My Running Posture prevented me from doing well in races and I really just felt  like I  was falling apart, hence I  felt very unsuccessful.

I was EVEN thinking…

“I’m getting TOO old!”

You are never too OLD!

 It’s pretty discouraging when you don’t know what the problem is, I was thinking my running days were over… 971

 But…All it had to do with was my silly posture!

 How do YOU change your bad posture to good posture?


  1. Keep you back straight.
  2. Always try to scan and look about 20 feet in front of you.
  3. Keep your core strong.
  4. Neck and shoulders should be relaxed.
  5. Your weight should be centered over your feet.
  6. Then basically put one foot in front of the other.


We do everyday walking…

We saunter to the kitchen, living room, to the elevator, car, to the mall, down the beach, around the block!

Running is an exercise of choice…

Both need the attention of great posture! Overtime we start to shrink and feel uncomfortable by  not paying attention to good posture.

 Your mother was right, good posture not only makes you look good, but also is good for your well-being and your health.

 By applying good posture today, you are planting goodness to your health for life inside and out!

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Please leave a comment  and tell me  about your running or walking posture!

Are you running on empty emotionally?

I mean this in two ways…

Most of us nutritionally feed our body’s well, but a lot of us miss the mark on emotionally feeding our body’s well!

A good question to ask yourself …

“How am I?”

If your answer is a very weak, “Fine.”You need to take a really good look at your situation…

Fine is OK , but really… This has to change!

Are you living with toxic people?

You know those people… Some of them are the ones you love.
Those people that  are constantly making you feel drained.

  • Your boss
  • co-worker
  • sister
  • brother
  • husband
  • neighbour

Clean up your life emotionally!

These people you don’t necessarily have to get out of your life, YOU just need a better way to handle them and YOUR  situation!

One way is to be utterly firm and honest with them.

Tell them  firmly to,  “Stop”

Nobody has the right to make you feel bad, nobody 🙂

Next, walk away and go for a timeout and cool your jets! (cool down) …

Or run away!     Well… not literally run away (Go for a jog or walk if you can!).

Although some may feel the need to get away… It’s OK.

If this is your way of facing reality and figuring things out, do it!

But first, try running or walking.

Running or Walking Will Help Calm You

From  Toxic People

Running or walking can help alleviate some of this toxic buildup in you.

When you step out the door to go for your jaunt, you may at first feel very tense, but as you get going you will begin to relax releasing some of the negatives within you.

As You go longer, you’ll start building a defense mechanism of confidence  protecting you from other negatives.  The best part is Your body releases endorphins and this helps to elevate your mood.

Happy cells flood your system the longer you go! Those happy cells are what presents you to your Inner Voice of Confidence which helps you decide what to do next.

Running and walking all by itself takes stress away…

All you have to do is – do it!
Running or walking releases endorphins which make your whole body sing with happiness! So feed your body with walking as much as you can and run  your heart out!

The one key to living an emotionally balanced life is always checking in with yourself.

If you feel like, Yuck!
Find people to talk to when you hit an emotional wall.
A brief chat with just anybody, will help you maintain a happier life.                                            Talk to a friend or professional to help you along your way..

 Two little nutritional tips … Going bananas!

1. Bananas have a protein that converts in your body to Serotonin a Neurotransmitter in the Brain. (Known as the happiness hormone, even though it is not really a hormone). Serotonin moves you away from depressive feelings and steers you toward feeling more relaxed and happy.

2. If you are running or walking on empty,  plan to eat a banana 15 minutes before.
A banana also contains Vitamin B and is the number 1 fruit for athletes.
It’s natural sugars and fibers boosts your energy and will keep you going for about an half hour  😀

Finally… It is important for your health to exercise, we all know that. When life get’s you down things need to be worked out. Finding exercise is sometimes the first step in getting you there.

If you really need a change in your running or walking program or need a little help finding your center emotionally. Take a look at what Chi living is by clicking on the link or take a look at some of their programs by clicking on the  link.

What is Chiliving?

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Chi Programs

Please comment in the section below and let me know what you do to get rid of negative feelings.



What kind of shoes do I buy?


I struggle sometimes buying new running or walking shoes, there are so many different kinds to buy!
It should be so simple right?
Just buy the best looking shoes on the shelf or the shoes you love!

Why kind of shoes

do I buy?

Here are 7 ‘Shoe Things’ to ask yourself…

Should I stick to my usual brand?
Should I buy a minimalist shoe?
Should I buy a shoe with super support?
How many miles do I wear my shoes before I get new ones?
I do other sports, should I just buy a cross-trainer?
Should I buy a trail-running shoe if I always run trails?

Let’s start with the first one…

Should you stick to your shoe brand?

Yes if you like it – and – No because there may be a better shoe out there for you.
Really, you need to tell a shoe store specialist what type of running or walking you do and ask lots of questions.
There are a host of running and walking shoes out there ranging from the type, colour, style all the way to the staff favorites.
Don’t get sidetracked.
Try on lots of shoes and pick and choose from there.
Believe me the shoe wall can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes, so you really have to tune in to how the shoe feels and listen to what the shoe specialists says.

Buying a minimalist shoe?
They are the new trend… With finger like treads or smooth bottoms, they simulate natural barefoot running and even walking.
These shoes are great at enhancing  posture and having you run/walking in a more natural stance…Like when we were kids!
You need to be careful if you are prone to Shinsplints, Achilles Tendon or knee pain because a good arch support for your flat feet or high arch is something you need.
If you have pain in the legs, hips, back or feet purchase a more supportive shoe until you get better and then transition slowly to a minimalist shoe.
I do not recommend people over the age of 40 wearing minimalist shoes because over time we need arch support to protect our feet and body.

The Super Supportive Shoe
If you are injury prone you need a supportive shoe. The Asics Gel Nimbus is great! (Check them out here!)
The cushioning and the superior mid sole protection will help diminish sore pains and prevent injuries.
I had a terrible time with shin splints once and this shoe was a life savor! I later switched to a shoe with less cushioning because I my feet were getting used to too much support. (That’s another Newsletter)
It’s kind of like my feet were on crutches for 4 months and it was time to go back to a shoe to work those feet back into shape.

Miles, More Miles… More Kilometers and Miles 🙂
Generally you need to change your shoes at the 300 mile mark, you can push it to 400 miles if you do a lot of trail running (500 to 650Kilometers), otherwise the shoes are garbage for running.
Even though your shoes may look great, your shoe is breaking down and providing you with nothing.
The tread may be worn just a little, but the inside mechanics of the shoe is shot.
It would be like driving your car on flat tires and the rims suffer having the car break down.
I’ve made this mistake before and know now not to push it.
It’s very hard for me to change shoes I love, but if I don’t I get myself in trouble.

Cross Training Shoes
Should you buy them? No.
If you are running or walking long distances weekly, you need specific shoes for this.
Cross- trainers are great for bumming around doing different activities, but not great for serious miles.
Injuries will start, due to lack of support not in the right places.

Trial Running Shoes
For the runner you! Trail running shoes are great and provide ultimate comfort for runners. They run a little bit heavier then your street running shoe, but can offer great gortex protection and treads that save you from snow, mud and even sometimes ice.

Do you need a Trail Running Shoe if you run in trails?
It depends how often you trail run, where you are running and if a street shoe will do the same as a trail-runner.
There are lots of trail-runners to choose from and some have treads like winter tires.
If you run on rough trails all the time, certainly pick up a nice pair of trail-runners, but if you are only running occasionally through the woods or grass I’d stick to regular running shoes. Or…Buy a trail-runner for those trail running days.
My problem is I love my shoes and get very used to them, then they stop making them  and I have a difficult time finding the ones like my last…That’s just me…Picky 🙂

Having the right shoes makes running enjoyable and injury free!

What kind of shoes do you exercise in and how often do you get new ones?