Great Form for Running

Great Form for Running

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There’s nothing but great form when running, you go faster, tire less, put much less stress on your body and feel so good! Watch this video on great form for running!

Check out more – Are you holding good posture? 
  Running Form for Beginners

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Learning to Run Again!

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Learn to be a Good Runner!

Read about 11 tips and learning to be a good runner… Read more…

The Act of Learning to Run

Why is learning to run is so important to your life?If you’ve even thought of running before, this article is for you. You could be the next somebody running a marathon even if you think… Read More…

5K Training For Beginners

If you are looking for a learn to program that has a comprehensive knowledge about running.
(This is a great program that comes all in…

 Get Fit and Learn to Run

All it takes is time and patience to get fit and learn to run!
Once you’ve got your mind set to exercise, this is when it’s time for you to learn to  run.
The Story of The Beginner Runner

You venture out of the house, only to find that it is difficult to run from house to house let alone … Read More

5k Training Plan For You and YOUR OTHER

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5k Training Plan For You and YOUR OTHER

Many times you try to get your significant Other to run, many times you have failed.
Click on Plan

You worry… 
You’re getting in good shape, but your OTHER isn’t.

Your worry about your Other’s health…
Heart attacks
Degenerative diseases….to name just a few…

You worry about your “LOVE”.
This is your time to show Other this plan.
This is a plan that both of you can work on together.

I’ll make it easy.
Grab Other’s hand tonight and walk…
Talk to Other about health and keep walking.
Tell Other you want Other to do a plan to get healthy together.

Then show OTHER the plan…
The 5K Plan…
After your walk…tell Other the first day is already done.
Love doesn’t get any better than that.
Get Other close to you tonight, for your health and your life together.

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How to Run 5K in 30 Minutes

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Learn to run

How to Run 5k in 30 Minutes


If you want to learn how to run 5K in 30 minutes you first have to build more mileage in your week and each run has to have a purpose…

If you’ve been running for 3 months, it’s time to think about going faster.

  • Pick one day in your week to run longer than your other 2 or 3 days…
  • Make sure that you run and then rest the day before and after, especially since your a beginner runner running 5K.
  • Increase your mileage by no more than 10% per week so that you don’t strain your muscles and your body.

How to Run 5K in 30 Minutes and The Benefits of getting your 5K under 30 minutes!

  • You’ll burn more calories and become a stronger runner!
  • You’ll  feel your other running days are becoming easier!
  • You’ll develop a good running focus and goal!Learn to run
  • you will build confidence in yourself and running!

Click on schedule to get 5K Program!
Learn more about Running Faster.

Join RunningMySpace today!

Please let me know in the comments section what you think!

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Learn to be a Good Runner

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You can learn to be a good runner and sign up for my free newsletter and get juicy tips and motivation to keep you running!


Here are 11 tips you can learn to be a good runner.

  1. Wear shoes that  are meant for running and make sure that they are well fitted.
  2. Start your program at the beginning and work through it gradually. (Follow a plan.)
  3. Believe that you can do this and never mind any negative talk. (Do not compare yourself to others.)
  4. Eat balanced small meals through out your day for weight maintenance. (Try not to snack on foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar, and processed foods)
  5. Wear clothing that enhances your running program including good wicking clothes, weather proofing, and night reflector for safety.
  6. Use a watch that has a stop watch, mileage and pace indicator.
  7. Keep your program to every other day, so that you get ample rest days.
  8. Enroll in a 5K race to motivate you.
  9. Run where you love to run, and some. Add variety to your routes!
  10. Always have water close by or if you are going longer distances, (more than an hour) bring an energy drink.
  11. sMiLe

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any more tips to add!

Why am I fat around the middle?

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A not so simple answer… “Why am I fat around the middle?”


There a 6 hormones that may be responsible for your fat around the middle!


When you reach a certain age, generally around 40years …

You will find an increase of fat around your middle, even
if you’re working out and running it may be difficult to get rid of.


A Hormone Imbalance…A hormonal imbalance can happen anytime in your life.

Here are 6 hormones and some of them maybe causing you weight gain and fat around the middle.

  1. estrogen
  2. progesterone
  3. cortisol
  4. insulin
  5. androgen
  6. testosterone

Estrogen or Progesterone

Both these hormones are produced in the ovaries in women.
When you age your estrogen and progesterone levels naturally decline, 
causing a bit of havoc for your body.
Fat around the middle is among some of the signs and having you question why fat is collecting more easily.

When your body drops in estrogen 
you body tries to make up for the loss
by increasing fat cells,
because fat cells produce estrogen. 
Your body needs estrogen 
and what better way for the body
to get estrogen from the food you eat.
When you eat your body knows what
to do to get what it wants!
Converting food to fat!


When you have lower levels of progesterone you look fatter!
Because this decrease in progesterone
causes your cells in our body to hold water.
Hence you experience bloating and look and feel fatter.


Is secreted by the adrenal glands in our body.
It has a very important function.
Every time you have a stressful moment it spurts out cortisol…
Stressing in front of your computer…
Figuring out what to do for dinner…
Your body thinks this is major stress, like you’ve been chased by a dinosaur.
Your body responds to this by releasing the hormone cortisol and
this cortisol is responsible for raising your sugar and insulin levels,
then sending a message to refuel. 
It is that fat around the middle that is cortisol happy
and alters the way we would normally store fat.

“You maybe sitting, watching someone getting chased by a dinosaur on TV, but you will have to carry the burden around your waist from this experience.”

Stress is the single biggest factor in release of this hormone. 
Cortisol is responsible for your fright or flight response, and is your
 survival instinct. Your body instantly reacts to situations quickly to
keep you alert and safe.
The truth is years of being in the safe mode is wearing this system
out and slapping you in the gut with fat.


This is hormone released by the pancreas
and is good at controlling or regulating your sugar levels. 
When our sugars go up, so does our insulin. 
When we eat too much simple carbohydrates, 
like white breads, candy, donuts etc. 
Your body needs to control this increase, 
so releases the insulin into our system. 
If your body is overtaxed with sugary foods, 
excess insulin is release and your body has no choice 
but to convert the food you eat to stored fat. 


A hormone hugely responsible for weight gain
and fat around your middle, 
especially during the menopausal stages of your life. 
When androgen rises because of falling estrogen and testosterone levels
it sends the message to put fat to your mid section.
One of the main purposes of the androgen
is to convert  into the female hormone estrogen 
and male hormone testosterone.


Is a hormone in male and females, 
testosterone levels tend to drop off during the
middle age stages in our life.
Our muscles need testosterone to build muscle.
The more muscle you have 
the faster your metabolism, 
the faster metabolism
the better your body burns calories 
and less fat stored.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

If you hold weight around your middle, what do you do about it?
Please let me know in the comment section.
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5K Running Tips for Beginners

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Here are just a few 5K Running Tips for Beginners who are learning to run.

  1. Have rest days, they are days to build muscle. 
  2. Hydrate, drink 6 to 8oz glasses or more daily. 
  3. Follow a good ‘learn to run plan’,  Jago Holmes 5K Training for beginners
  4. Stretch before and after, it’s best to stretch for at least 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after.
  5. Only add 10% more mileage per week, every fourth week rest at your present mileage.
  6. Run with a friend to motivate you. 
  7. Run only 3 or 4 days per week to keep you fresh. 
  8. Alternate fast, slow and rest days during your training. 
  9. Have the same day each week your long run day. 
  10. Listen to your body when it hurts. 
  11. Take a 3 day break if you are feeling stressed about running. 

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Running Tips

These are just some 5K running tips for beginners to keep note.
More to come soon.

Wonder if you’ll be the last to come in a race?
Watch this!

Long Distance Running Training for Beginners

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Long Distance Running Training For Beginners

So you’ve been running for 3 months now and you’ve decided you want to run longer distances…
Imagine…You… Running 10 kilometers or longer and feeling great!


When you’ve finished reading this post you will understand what kind of plan to look for while adding more mileage to your runs.
The road isn’t as long as you think it might be,
knowing a few rules before you start will give you a crystal clear vision on how you tackle distance training and even maybe running a marathon!
Learn distance running training for beginners

Following simple rules for long distance running training for beginners.

  1. you need to have a structured running training plan, with recovery days and cross training days so that your muscles rest and you get better performance
  2. the running training plan needs to emphasize training for a longer term period
  3. The training plan needs to be prioritized for the right age group, fitness level, and experience

 Let me explain…

A structured running training plan is so important because it focuses on your goals! You know what you want to achieve and what you have to do to achieve it. If you want to be able to run for an hour by next month and you’ve been running only a couple of weeks…

A good plan will tell you… “That’s not going to happen!”

A good plan has to be tried and tested so that you achieve optimal results. The plan will tell what days to run, how many days to run, what days not to run, and what days to cross train. Following the plan makes training for beginners easy and motivates you to upgrade when finished and move on to the next plan.

Long distance running training for beginners…

It should not be just long mileage training, but also gradual training that is long term. If you started a program that ends at the 6-week mark, it’s time to do the next program that goes another 6 weeks and so on. Some programs are in 12-week increments, it completely depends on what type of program you are doing. If you wanted to run for 1 hour and you are only able to run 30 minutes…

You need to find a 12 Week 10K Training Program that focuses on gradually running up to an hour or more. (10 Kilometers) I find the best long term running training programs are ones that are set up in increments through the year. (For example quarterly) As you progress to longer distances, expect that your plans for training will be for longer periods. (10 to 12 weeks)

A program that focuses on gradually running up to an hour or more. (10 Kilometers) I find the best long term running training programs are ones that are set up in increments through the year. (For example quarterly) As you progress to longer distances, expect that your plans for training will be for longer periods. (10 to 12 weeks)
Many of you are running in your 40s, 50s even 60s…

It’s never too late to start running.
One of the most important things I must emphasize is overload.

When a new runner is given a training plan and tries to run 10 Kilometers, it is important that experience, age, and fitness level be taken into account. A training plan for a 20 year will be slightly different than a training plan for a 50-year-old.  The older you are, this less jumping around you’ve done in the last 20 years! Your level of fitness will be different and you may have added health issues.

It’s exciting to move on to the next stage of running!
Yes, if you run and train for long distances you will be able to run 10Kilometers,  a half marathon, marathon or even ultra marathon, but always make sure that you have found a great plan that is good for you.

Remember to pay attention to what your body is telling you so that you can adjust your plans otherwise.

Please leave a comment in the section below and let me know what you think!

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Investing Time in Exercising

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Time exercising is essential for your well-being.
Exercise is what keeps you well oiled throughout your entire life.
If you cease to exercise, you give your body the chance to stiffen, become unreliable and fall apart.

Continued exercise keeps your body limber enough so that you’ll be moving and grooving for years to come!

But really, what does all this running do for YOU anyway?

Here’s to name just a few…

  • keeps you sharp and attentive.
  • is good for your complexion and keeps you looking young and beautiful.
  • soothes you sole, takes away stress and relaxes your life.
  •  keeps your weight in control.
  • is good for your sex life.
  • is good for your heart.
  • is good for your blood pressure.
  • gives you stronger bones, joints and (of course) muscles.
  • has you craving healthier foods.
  • makes you more mindful of life.
  • makes you more sociable.
  • makes you feel happier.
  • makes you feel more comfortable.
  • has you always outdoor and playing.

Investing time in exercising is not something you need to ponder!
Look at just a few of these benefits, if you’ve thought about running start today.
If you are already doing it…
Aren’t you glad you’re doing it?


Jago Holmes personal trainer – www.Couch to –

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www. Couch to –  

5K Training For Beginners

Learn to How Run Program

(A great program that comes all in one package!)

“Jago Holmes Personal Trainer “

 Jago Holmes is a Qualified and experienced Trainer who has worked with hundreds of runners successfully!  He has his own 5K Training for Beginners Program!

You may be one of those people who have trouble getting your running program off to a good start.

Have you ever started to run and failed? Are you troubled because you’re  never able to see the amazing results that long term running offers, because running is so sporadic?

It’s really tough trying to learn the basics of running without someone to help. Your goals can become wishywashy and difficult to reach. Imagine have a whole program with all the things you need to know about running and succeeding! 

In Jago Holmes program you will experience …
  •  Feeling more comfortable and loving your body.
  • Watching excess weight come off in just a short time.
  • Understanding what to eat and how.
  • Staying fit, slim, healthy and balanced.
  • Being proud of a happier and healthier YOU!
  • More confidence to run a  5K race.


The best running habits develop during your 6 weeks.

You have plenty of reasons why you want to become a better runner! By taking advantage of the 5K running program you could be fit, happy, healthy and slim in 6 months!
Right now  Jago Holmes is offering 5K Training for Beginners program at a discounted price with all the added perks!

  • The programs perks for training for beginners:

    5K Training for Beginners
    A Runners Guide to Nutrition
    A Runner’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries
    How to Boost Your Metabolism
    Healthy Smoothies for Rapid Weight Loss
    Rapid Weight Loss
    Planning Your Success
    Healthy Soups for Healthy Living
    Glycemic 101

    You may have spent hundreds of dollars at a fitness centre using a personal trainer or just their equipment!

    Take a look at this Program!
    The nice thing about this program is if it doesn’t work for you, You get your money back with no questions asked!

    Who will benefit?  
    The Program will benefit the new runner,  the person who is coming back to the sport or just the person wanting to add this sport to their other work outs.


    Why not give it a try, risk free. Simply click below to instantly find out more about the program!  
     Then download your 5k training program for just $37.99
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