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Chi Running For Beginners

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chirunning book
I’ve talked about proper running form before and how when you’re a beginner runner having proper posture is crucial to good running. There are many different posture programs that offer great ways to get you running in good form.

The program that I recommend 
is Chi Running. 

You can unlearn how to run by wearing heavily supported shoes, over training, or laziness. Hence all this takes you away from your natural posture. Why not try to learn to run naturally through Chi Running.  

Chi running involves tapping into an energy source that can improve your running immensely!

 10 Tips for Chi Running For Beginners

  1. Practice taking the chatter away and focus on your mind.
  2. You can learn Chi running easier if you learn Chi walking first.
  3. Pelvic rotation and stability of the pelvis are key to optimizing running and decreases the chance of injury! This is why learning Chi walking makes learning to run the Chi way easier.
  4. The Chi posture is about engaging your core muscles and letting the lower limbs stay quiet and relax.  Always run landing on your midfoot strike while running.
  5.  Meditation happens when you run by being conscious of your breathing and keeping your spine still. This paying attention brings you to the present. and centers you.
  6. Wear running shoes that have a lower heel, so that you feel more connected and have a more natural step.
  7. Occasionally run in barefoot for a few 100 feet and feel the essence of your form. Your form will fall into a more natural line.
  8. Run not for speed, but for perfecting your running form using body scanning. Pat Attention to the way your body feels by focusing your attention on areas you sense are uncomfortable. When your posture is aligned  you obtain Chi energy more easily.
  9. The best way to practice is to run long runs to get that posture right.
  10. Learning how to breathe properly is a great way for Chi to enter your body.

Learning Chi Running is more like a process of discovery than just following a set of rules. Quoted by Danny  and Katherine Dreyer in their book Chi Running ~ A revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running.

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Why are we fat and what can we do about it?

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Studies show we are not getting to where we want to be as far as getting healthy, in good shape and fighting obesity.  
Yet there are so many people eager to get out there and do it!

Why are we fat and still living in a world full of obesity?

10 Reasons why we are fat! 

  1. No exercise. 
  2. Not enough exercise, less than 3X/week.
  3. The computer world of  TV, video games, iphones, ipad etc. 
  4. The food on our plate are full to the edges, causing us eat too much per serving.
  5. Not eating enough natural foods grown from the earth or from animals.
  6. Eating too much fatty foods.
  7. Eating too many packaged foods with hazy ingredients, these chemicals play havoc on our hormones hence metabolism. 
  8. Addicted to high carb foods with empty calories.
  9. Too much sugar.
  10. Stress and negative thinking.

We have the best resources in the world at getting healthy and staying in shape. 

We have health food stores, diet centers, fitness centers that are springing up at every busy corner, but still we suffer the same health issues related to inactivity and obesity.

People  find it hard to stick to a sport!
They don’t really know what sport to do and when they think they’ve got it all figured out, it’s an unorganized bunch of fuzzy plans and goals that are way to hard to reach.

Unless you have the right frame of mind and the right program…
This is where I come in.
Why not try running?
If you join my mailing list, you get a free download of the First 6 Weeks of Running.
Actually it starts out walking then leads into you running for 30 minutes.
I send you weekly motivation, along with tips to get you to the next step.

It’s the run/walk way!

20 Tips on Healthy Eating!

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I know it’s sometimes hard to stay on track and eat healthy, so I thought I would give you 20 tips on healthy eating.

1.  Foods that you can recognize and are natural to eat.
2.  Always look to see what the first ingredients are when eating processed food. Sugar seems to be a popular first item!
3.  Begin your grocery shopping in the outside aisle of your grocery store.
4.  Organize three colored  vegetables to eat for each meal.
5.  Begin your morning eating fresh fruit and/or fresh squeezed juice.
6.  A handful of baked walnuts or almonds with fruit in the morning is a must.
7.   Buy organic fresh fruits and vegetables, especially if they are thin skinned.
8.  Always scan the nutritional labels, because if you haven’t heard of the ingredient maybe you don’t want to eat it.
9.  Try to limit fast food to just once a month.
10.  Ask what are in ingredients at restaurants.
11.  Eliminate moderate use of alcohol, simple fruit drinks and carbonated drinks. They only add calories.
12.  Overcooking meats or vegetables are not good for you.
13.  Avoiding smoked, processed and preserved meats protect you from harmful chemicals and diseases.
14. Choose fresh or frozen food first before canned.
15.  Combine foods that feel right to you and listen to what your body wants.
16.  Avoid margarine, shortening and refined liquid vegetable oils.(synthetic fats)
17.  Eat more whole wheat and less white flour, white rice etc.
18.  Cook using olive or peanut oil instead of refined oils.
19.   Essential fatty acids like avocado, eggs, walnuts and fish are rich in vitamins.
20.  Try to supplement your diet with essential fatty acid nutritional supplements.

How important is core strength for running?

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You run, but you can’t seem to get going faster or run longer…and you’ve been running for awhile!
Maybe it has to do with your core strength!

How important is core strength for running?

More important than you think.  When you have good core strength, your body literally performs better at daily tasks, workouts and even just walking. Good core strength starts with the strong muscles of the abdomen, back and gluteus, hip and other muscles in this trunk area. New runners especially need to add this to their program to get fitter and enjoy the benefits of running more.

On a single run your body depends on these muscles to keep you in good form and protect you from injuries that happen from bad form. If you don’t have a strong core you’re not able to generate a good  foot return when you want to go fast or long. Your body is already tired. 

Core strength on your long runs…

It’s important to have good core strength or your posture will fail you.  Running long distances and feeling tired, can cause you to slump over because of weak muscles in the core. Believe it or not slumping over even slightly increases pressure to joints and parts of the body that are weaker to running. Hence your pace will slow from fatigue by using muscles that don’t need to be used causing you to quit sooner or run uncomfortably. 

How do you strengthen you core muscles?

You strengthen these muscles by following a good program. The Stretching Institute has a program that comprehensively gets to the core…A good Core Training  Program you can do in 15 to 20 minutes 3 times/week! Or order the handbook now, which includes a variety of stretches for running and strengthening exercises.  Real pictures of people doing stretches help you find that it is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow!

The Stretching Handbook has undergone rigorous reviews by some of the most respected professionals in the health and fitness industries, receiving outstanding endorsements from the world’s sporting elite.

Having a good strong core is so important for runners. You’ll find lots of runners doing core strength training and getting fitter, faster and running longer.

Walking before running…

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 Lots of people ask me this ONE question when they want to learn to run…

“How long should I be walking before running?”

 There is an easy answer to this if you’re in pretty good shape already or live an active lifestyle.
Usually one week of good walking will get your body ready to start the run/walk…

But what happens if you are out of shape, overweight and have a very low activity level?

Find out in this video!

Any questions just click on Gilly ūüôā

Take a look at the Learn to Run ~ Run/Walk Schedule


Running Shoes That Prevent Shin Splints

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Do you have shin splints?
When you have shin splints, you’ll experience the dreaded sharp pain on the inside or front of your shin while you walk or run. It can be so uncomfortable and can prevent you from running faster times and longer distances.
Shin Splints can bring running or learning to run to a complete halt!
The running shoe that I feel is the best for support and preventing shin splints is the above

Are there really running shoes that prevent shin splints?

I can’t say that if you buy a running shoe it will stop you from getting shin splints, but I can say  to make sure you have the right shoe suited for YOU.  
This will be a great prevention!

Here are 5 reasons why the right shoe prevents shin splints…

  1. If you have flat feet or a high arch the right shoe will correct this with support where you need it. 
  2. You run with a better alignment making running smoother and less likely to be hard on your limbs.
  3. You run with better posture, so less stress is on your shins.
  4. A good shoe forces you to land mid-foot, preventing the braking action after landing on your heels and causing stress on your shins.
  5. The right running shoe corrects your alignment, posture, step while providing you with corrective padding and comfort in the places you need it. These shoes are usually good quality and lasting longer preventing the shoes from wearing down… Thus lessening your chance for shin splints.

How do I get fitted with a good shoe to prevent splints? 

If you’ve been running for a long time and your shin splints creep up on you every year causing you pain… Your best prevention is a running shoe that prevents shin splints.
 Are you a new runner experiencing this shin pain for the first time?,
It’s time to get proactive and see a specialist. A Pedorthist is a health professional that you can get referred to from your doctor. . A Pedorthist can customize orthotics to help solve your troubles and specializes in setting you up with the best solutions for you and your shin splints.

You can also go to your local running store and tell them your problem. They may offer you a gait analysis which is watching they way you run and fitting you from then on.

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Should You Stretch Before You Run?

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I really want to let you in about a great program so you understand the question,

Should you stretch before you run?”

There has been a lot of controversy lately about stretching before a running program and I really want to clear that up for you. Some people are convinced that stretching before you run can cause serious injury. This is far from the truth if stretching is done correctly.

Should you stretch before you run?

According to the Stretching Institute yes, but it depends on the kinds of stretches you do and when. There are two primary stretches…

Should You Stretch Before You Run

  1. The Static Stretch
  2. Dynamic Stretch

The Static Stretch 

Is when you are stay in one place and stretch and hold a certain muscle group without moving.

The Dynamic Stretch 

Is when you stretch a part of your body by moving from one place to another or moving a part of your body from one position to another. Although this may seem simple, there are also stretches within each of these categories that can make learning stretches quite challenging. Stretching is a very important part of the warm up and cool down stage of running if done correctly. You watch people around stretching and can learn some bad habits that can cause injury to your running. Learning to run or even being a long time runner needs the attention of stretching, because we lose our flexibility year after year. Not using stretching as part of your program can really hamper your performance.

If you want to learn more about Stretching I will leave this link to a great website… The Stretching Institute..

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Please leave a comment in the section below and let me know what stretches you do.

Beginner Running Program

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¬†A Good Beginner Running Program…

Has you not confused, but happy and motivated. It has you working at a pace that you can handle and is forgiving when you cannot commit all the time. It should feel comfortable and easy to understand so that you know what you are doing each week. For Example: The days you run, the mileage of each day, and what… ¬†¬†Read More…

Running Tips for Beginners

 Are You a beginner runner?
 Too often learning to run can be daunting, this is why reading these running tips for beginners is a must!

Here are some great running tips!…Read More…

Beginner Runner and Motivation

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Oh yes… and You can!

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Great Form for Running

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There’s nothing but great form when running, you go faster, tire less, put much less stress on your body and feel so good! Watch this video on great form for running!

Check out more РAre you holding good posture? 
  Running Form for Beginners

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Learning to Run Again!

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Learn to be a Good Runner!

Read about 11 tips and learning to be a good runner… Read more…

The Act of Learning to Run

Why is learning to run is so important to your life?If you’ve even thought of running before, this article is for you. You could be the next somebody running a marathon even if you think…¬†Read More…

5K Training For Beginners

If you are looking for a learn to program that has a comprehensive knowledge about running.
(This is a great program that comes all in…

 Get Fit and Learn to Run

All it takes is time and patience to get fit and learn to run!
Once you’ve got your mind set to exercise, this is when it’s time for you to learn to¬† run.
The Story of The Beginner Runner

You venture out of the house, only to find that it is difficult to run from house to house let alone …¬†Read More

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