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The Benefits of Walking While Running

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Stepping out your front door…

You may immediately set sail, whisking those happy feet into a running trot only because you are crunched for time or don’t know any better. You think your doing yourself a favour embarking on this running thing!

Your are – nevertheless your run deserves better!

Not warming up or cooling down…

Could have dire consequences on your running and have you missing out on something so wonderful, eventually leaving you to abolish running forever!

When I get back from a fantastic run, I’m hooked on the positive and everything comes my way!

I know you just want to run and get going, but the benefits of walking before, during and after your run are huge. Most people don’t know why they feel so awful when they run and chalk it up to just a bad day.

Let’s look at some of the uncomfortable ailments runners can be plagued with and the four best times to walk.

These might be your problems…

  • a side stitch
  • sluggish legs
  • aches
  • pains
  • shortness of breath
  • lightheaded
  • headache
  • disappointments
  • slowing times 
The point is You go out to run, feel good and keep feeling this good all day!


Four Best times to Walk

1.  In the beginning walking sets the stage…

You get to reflect on what you’re doing for your run and how you’re going to do it. Walking is good in the beginning, all those muscles are getting ready to work and all those organs are getting ready to expand and pump. This all happens gradually and walking will do this comfortably and gently for you.

If you think of your car in the winter, it needs time to warm up or else it won’t sound or feel good. Your car will drive rough and you will feel the need to go back.

2. Walking relaxes your running in the middle

While running you can do intervals of run/walking and walking which is great for recovery.
 Running for 2 or 10 minute intervals with walking breaks between each run, will get you ready for the next interval! This is great for beginners, for 5K training or even marathon race training!

3.  Walking completes your moments…

Walking is the BEST tool to cool down your heart!
After you’re finished running, walking helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure towards normal. If all of a sudden you stop, blood rushing to the heart suddenly slows, surprising and depriving the brain of oxygen! Your heart needs to slow down gradually or you will feel uncomfortable and feel lightheaded.
If you’ve ever seen people get very red faced and pale, it’s usually because they didn’t do the crucial cool down.

It could even be dangerous for people with unknown heart problems.

4.  Walking when you don’t feel like running…

After a busy day, it’s nice to smell the roses and just walk. You don’t always have to run! You’ll actually feel better about running if you give yourself the kindness of a break by doing a brisk walk instead.

RunningToday don’t forget to apply a walking plan before, during and after your run. If things just don’t feel right, keep going and make it a walking day or add more walking in the middle of your run!

Only 10 minutes of walking is all it takes in the beginning and end of your run to get your body and heart ready for what is next to come …

********** I always recommend a doctors check up before starting any exercise program, especially if you are over the age of 40.**********

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Yoga to Prevent Running Injuries

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Doesn’t it seem that once you get one running injury under control another one creeps out right behind it? 
 Or when you’re in the depths of a
 learn to run program or training to run a 5k, 10K, Marathon or Ultra Marathon you have to quit because of an injury…

It can be so frustrating trying to prevent running injuries! 

One of the best ways to protect yourself from running injuries is to do stretches, but doing this is sometimes not enough.
  Your body needs alignment and proper stretches to prevent injuries.
 Your body needs a program that does all this to prevent running injuries.  This is where Runner’s Yoga comes in. This system has helped me stay injury free for awhile now! 30 minutes of Runner’s Yoga 

compliments your running program and your life!  

My Story and how I got Interested in Runner’s Yoga…
Awhile back… I had a nagging hip injury that started from running with shin splints, caused by improper posture and strengthening.  I came upon a site where a person commented negatively about running and how the injuries runner’s get – eventually cripple the body!
(I hear people say this kind of thing a lot…)
The commenter thought running was really bad for you and quoted.
“Running is bad for joints, muscles and the whole body!”
 His final comment was,
“I feel sorry for all you runners because running makes you old!” 
 What a horrible thing to read when I’ve been running for so many years!

You know, I didn’t believe this for one minute, but yes he was right…
Runner’s do get injuries and quite frequently.

Needless to say I felt a bit compelled and this prompted my curiosity to do some research to find out why runner’s  have so many injuries and if running really had the potential of being listed as an occupational hazard. 

What I found was running is actually better for your health than you think!
  • Running is excellent for your bones!
  • Running is excellent for your muscles!
  • Running is excellent for your cardiovascular system!
  • Running is excellent for your respiratory system!
  • Running is excellent, excellent for your everything!

And for the part that running makes you old…
Running actually regenerates all the cells in your body and can make you look and feel younger right down to your cellular level.

     That’s good news!
     The long and short of it, runner’s do suffer a lot of injuries.

    So what’s the problem then, why are all of us runners getting injuries?

    Here’s what I’ve discovered.
    When you age you lose strength and flexibility even if you’re active!

    Ah ha…It’s inevitable, it just happens because we become less active in a 24 hour period.
    Things that age and don’t get used, become brittle and break.

    Toddlers, they move in and around, strengthening and flexing their little muscles onto couches, floors and chairs and are great at developing their flexibility and strength!

    Yes, toddlers are building many muscles we don’t even know exist any more! The last time you crawled and climbed all around like a toddler was probably when you were a toddler.

    Running is a great exercise and builds some muscles, but not enough to keep you strong and prevent you from running into injuries.

    This is when I found Runner’s Yoga

    Doing  yoga will increase your flexibility, so your muscles and joints stay limber and flex better. Your body gradually aligns and strengthens so every running step is nice and strong.

    Yoga builds strength in your joints and muscle and this is a big plus.
    Those muscles that are not being used while you run are built during the Runner’s Yoga process.

    • The large and small  muscles support one another. 
    • This also spells out a faster metabolism…
    • More muscle means more fat burned…

    A lot of runners use Runner’s Yoga!

    Doing Yoga will ignite every part of your body that needs to be ignited, because you are giving your body the attention it needs, hence it will prevent running injuries!

    Runner’s Yoga is a Total Mind-Body Workout you can do on your own … almost anywhere … in just 30 minutes!  
    Your Running Program Needs a Yoga Program!
    It’s for anybody. 
    It’s for all levels of fitness and flexibility. If you are interested in giving your body a lift this program adds strength, agility and inner peace.
    I strongly recommend this program.

    It ‘s easy, now you can order by Paypal!
    Visit Runner’s Yoga

    Please leave a comment a let me know how you feel ūüôā

    Do You have control over life or does life have control over You?

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    Think back…
    When was the last time you were really living with no stress?

    Do you remember that feeling of control?…

    Let me put a life scenario in your head…

    You are eight years old, kicking the dirt in front of you while walking to your best friend’s house.
    There is no rush because you know you’re going to get there.

    Maybe you are walking through a busy city, a field or a park and the only sounds you hear are the natural sounds.

    Life around you is still moving, there are cars zipping by, horns honking, maybe even sirens blaring.

    You are clued only to the sound of wind waffling past your ears or the subtle bird song that instantly lights up your heart. You might be listening to slight sounds, like the shuffling of grass or suddenly captivated by leaves swirling in the distance wind. Maybe it’s winter and you cherish the beautiful sounds of silence and for a moment shush background interruptions, as you capture the snow’s falling whisper.

    Along the way you are not feeling rushed…
    You glance at a squirrel from the corner of your eye as it sits and munches away peacefully on a nut. It’s tail is shaking in anticipation of life.
    Then you feel this sense of satisfaction as you stare as a bird busily creates a nest, flipping sticks and twigs in and around in anticipation of the life.

    You stop and watch in your own silence.


    At this time… Does life have control over you or do you have control over life?

    This is your life…

    Remember that feeling…
    Such a true freedom…
    I wish I was 8 sometimes…

    It is a state of being clear and unmixed, being able to watch life in anticipation while feeling free at the very moment.

    Stress is an impelling force of pressure. 
    The pressure of work, the pressure of an important event, worry, anxiety or fear.
    When you sit in stress all day long, day by day – you lose the benefits of feeling free!

    Freedom is a state of being clear and unmixed.
    When you Go back and remember that feeling of freedom, you are now dealing with the stress.

    You Feel Happier Kicking Back
    Don’t try to find freedom, gravitate towards Happy and Contentedness.
     You will have control…
    Freedom is with you now…You are not feeling rushed, but feeling like yourself.

    If you feel out of sorts.
    Stop…Remember the way you felt when you just kicked back…
    It’s a good feeling that is right there within you.

    So, go outside and walk or run don’t stress and let the  stress take care of itself . This is your tool to disintegrate all those negative feelings by leaving you clear to 
    move on to better things.

    Believe in Yourself!

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    Believe in Yourself

    Believe in Yourself

    Have you ever wondered what stopped you from believing in yourself, moving forward and getting the dreams that you’ve been dreaming about?

    Maybe getting into good shape was one of them!

    Sometimes I become frustrated with things in my life and I just sit thinking to myself of all the things I wish I had done then I’d feel more satisfied…

    • I wish I was skinny.
    • I wish I could run faster.
    • I wish I had a lot more money.

    Learn to Run – Believe in Yourself!

    I forget sometimes that I have the power within me to think positively and beleive in what I have to do to get myself to where I want to go in life…

    You’re maybe so conditioned of being in a state of, “hope or wish”‘ – you might sometimes forget that you truly need to believe in yourself and allow your situation to move through change so you implement action.

    To become a walker to a runner, you need to have a great plan. 

    Once you have a plan made, then you have to find a plan that is at your level. So if you are a new runner and want to be consistent, You have to follow learning stages to get you to successful. If you jump ahead, those stages are gone and your motivation is lost.

    “It’s not something that happens overnight, it happens by implementing steps. Nothing will change in your life unless you keep going by believing in yourself every step of the way!”

    What Keeps You Motivated? –¬†Believe in Yourself

    • Believe in yourself.
    • Knowing that you have a¬†good plan¬†for exercise and diet. Learn to Run
    • Having a positive vision for looking better.
    • Having a positive feeling for feeling better.
    • Keeping a positive attitude when you are struggling.
    • Progressing at your own pace.
    • Monitoring¬† plans on a regular basis so that you have room for change if needed.
    • Keeping a journal or daily diary so you can monitor changes and keep track.


    Believe in Yourself

    A nice little motivational tool is to get a picture of yourself when you where fit or a picture of someone who you would love to be as fit as and put it at the front of your journal, the fridge or your closet. This will remind you to beleive in yourself and why you have the goal Рyou are seeking.

    Really, most of us run in the beginning not because we want to, but because we feel we need to. One day you will believe in yourself and run because you will truly want to.

    Believe in Yourself! 
    Watch this video, it’s so amazing!


    Accomplishing Your Running Goals

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    Enjoy your running and accomplish your goals!

    A busy life we live in…

    We live busy lives and this can rob us from things we love to do and make it very difficult to accomplish wanted goals.

    Goals can fall away from our life because they seem too time consuming and trigger a feeling that it’s  too hard.

    Here are a few tips that will help you accomplish your running goals or any goal!

    • Focus on what you really want. {Example: I want to run a marathon. I want to buy a new house. I want to get a new job. I want to lose weight.}
    • Find clear instructions on how to get to where you want! {Research, research and more research!}
    • Figure out what you are going to need (the ingredients) Just like a recipe!
    • Stay on track and follow where the map is going to take you, by making your schedule so you won’t falter.
    • Start at the beginning and do it, following through to the end!
    • And last but not least…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!

    This is how you get to the end, because you are going to follow these tips and tailor them towards your goal.
    It’s just for you!

    The # 1 Biggest Sabotage to Your Goal (by: RunningMyspace)

    Is Fear, because fear gets in your way!!

    • Fear affects the foundation your goal is sitting on and can sometimes make everything you’ve worked for, fail!
    • Fear takes you away from having a clear goal.
    • Fear prevents you from scheduling important events that lead up to knowing…How?, When?, Where?, What? and so on… doesn’t develop
    • Fear leads to hazy and unclear thoughts because of doubt. Fear has you moving through a fog not even knowing what is your problem. 
    •  The ingredients, the instructions and the map will be non-existent or confusing for you.
    • No goal is achieved!

    Make sure you check in with yourself and ask, “Am I afraid?”
    If you are… BREATHE, redo your goal and these steps to your goal.
    Things won’t look so intimidating.

    Maybe do a 10K instead??

    Get real with yourself and honest.
    What do I want and how can I get it?
    Be realistic and work on one goal at a time. Eventually you’ll be able to work on bigger goals!
    The fear of training for a marathon will not be as intense!

    This very skill of learning how to go through steps to achieve the goal is so important.
    I hope this article helps, especially for those of you who are in a slump.

    We all could use this format to apply to anything we really want in life.

    If you are starting all over or really want to follow a format by a professional coach, click on the link in the sidebar to get more information about running a 5K.
    Let me know if you have questions on how this process works for you!

    If you know someone who would benefit from this information, please forward this article.

    How to trick yourself into eating better?

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    If you find that you
    can’t lose weight while training for a 5K or you’re worried about the way your family eats. This might be due to the fact the not-so-good-food is too much in your face. If  high sugar foods or
    packaged foods are more visible, you will eat it more!

    Here are a few tips to trick yourself into eating better 

    while training for a 5K, learn to run or just trying to eat healthy day to day.

     If you put healthy food in the right spot in your fridge or on the counter, you will trick yourself and have the benefits of eating more healthier foods. 

    (By: RunningMySpace)

    1. Trade cookies in the cupboard for bananas in the cupboard. Bananas love darkness so they keep longer, so put them in a bowl and slip them in the cupboard.
    2.  Apples go great in the crisper or serve at the table in a bowl!
    3.  Fruits like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries (don’t hide them in the fridge drawers!) put them on the shelf of the refrigerated at eye level! Position them so they look irresistible!
    4. Strain grapes and leave them on the counter in the kitchen where your family passes often. Your family will eat the good foods first before all the junky packaged/processed foods. 
    5. Cut and wash vegetables and put a natural dip for easy healthy snacking.
    6. Make slushes out of frozen fruit,  water, milk or yogurt!
    7. Shop mostly from the outside isle of your grocery store
    8. If it comes in a package and you feel you need to eat it, check for unnatural ingredients.
    9. Stock up on natural foods that come in the ground by freezing or dehydrating.
    10. Lastly make treats with your kids that involve good food ingredients.

    Have fun tricking yourself into eating better by following these tips and tricks!

    Finding Time For Running

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    Finding Time For Running Today

    I can’t think of a better way to clear the mind than finding time for running in your life!finding time for running

    Running is one of those sports you can take anywhere and a great way to clear your mind, but there are times when running is hard to position into your week. When you’ve got children, a husband, pets, a job and a house to run, running can be hard…

    How do you find the time for running?

    Running is truly my sport that I love and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same. There are weeks where I can’t find time for myself including finding time for running, so I dig through my schedule and focus on finding time for running. This is all so I can obtain a peace of mind and refocus in life.
    Finding Time For Running

    Here are 10 great ways to find time for running…

    1. Wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning and go for a morning run.
    2. Bring your running clothes to work and run home. If you commute or carpool run a couple of kilometers from your house, the subway station or bus.
    3. Run in the mall and then around the outside of the mall after shopping, Just make sure you wear your running attire that you just bought…
    4. Run for half your lunch. Run first and then eat the last 15 minutes after you’ve showered.
    5. ¬† Save 1 day in the weekend and make it an appointment to do your long run. You won’t be available for anyone at this time.
    6.   Make a schedule on your calendar of the days you fit in for your week of running.
    7.   Choose your time wisely, instead of watching TV just go for a quick run!
    8. Carry clean running stuff where ever you go just in case you can find a spare moment to run.
    9.    Book and train for a 5K race, so you are motivated in finding time during the week to train.
    10. ¬†If you’re feeling lazy start going for a walk and finish your last 20 minutes with a run/walk or run!

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    14 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water!

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    They say water is the elixir of life!

    Believe it! 

    There are so many good reasons to drink water. 

    Water is really all we need sometimes to pull us out of a slump. Most times we walk around in life totally oblivious to the fact the we are thirsty. You might complain of a sore back or knee. Maybe you have a headache or just plain feel tired and depressed. All you need is to drink water!

    I’ve heard some people say they never drink water. They just don’t feel the need.

    Water is the reason you don’t age.

    If you never drink water, then you are always wilting.
    If you just drink little bits of water through the week. 
    Your organs are suffering and you will have moments where you can’t think straight. 
    Then you’ll have moments where you’ll just feel lousy.
    You might forgo your run or walk, you might say you’re coming down with something.
    You might even go to the doctors for a sore throat.

    When all you need to do is drink water!

    Look at your lips, look at your tongue, look at your skin.
    If your lips are cracked, wrinkled and dry.
    Your tongue grey and dry looking
    Your skin rough, cracked or increasingly wrinkled.
    Drink water.
    Drink a little bit every 2 hours until you feel better.
    Don’t forget to drink water daily.
    6 to 8 ounce glasses daily and more if you are exercising.

    14 good reasons to drink water!

    1. Good for moisturising skin.
    2. Good for your heart by decreasing your risk of heart attack.
    3. Good for a headache cure, one glass is sometimes all it takes.
    4. Good for curing fatigue and making you feel refreshed.
    5. Good for relieving hunger pains and aiding in weight loss by curbing appetite.
    6. Good for flushing toxins out of cells and keeping them plump. 
    7. Good for reducing some risks of cancer like colon, bladder and breast.
    8. Great for exercise and feeling good.
    9. Great for cell function and transportation of nutrients.
    10. Excellent for lubricating your joints including the spine by helping cushion joints.
    11. Excellent for flushing your whole digestive system and making it easier to digest food.
    12. Great for weight loss by increasing metabolism.
    13. Great for preventing constipation and the uncomfortable feelings that go along with elimination.
    14. Excellent at stopping lethargy.
    Have a great run and drink water!

    Learn to run a 5K in 6 weeks

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    Learn To Run a 5K in 6 Weeks

    The¬†scenario¬†may go like this…Learn To Run 5K in 6 Weeks You start running and feel good and you might even run 5 or 6 days a week. But when it all comes down to it you feel a bit lost on what direction or goals you’re moving towards.

    How to train for a 5K race?

    It ‘s not that hard, as a matter of fact, if you started training today, you could be running or run/walking your first 5K in 6 weeks.

    “Learn to Run a 5K in 6 weeks” ¬†–¬†Here are 5 things to prepare you…

    1. Find a race in your area and sign up. Don’t be afraid if you think you’re not ready because lots of 5K races involve walking. Make sure you look for a race that offers both.

    2. Talk to your doctor first, so he/she can give you clearance on tackling this running adventure. Lots of people enter an exercise program without telling their doctor and then end up getting sidelined because of problems that could have been avoided. The doctor knows best! I especially recommend you get a check up if you are over 40 and have a history of health issues. Take a 5K program and you and your doctor can customize the program for your health.

    Learn to run a 5K in 6 weeks

    3. Check you running shoes and make sure they are not worn. Ask yourself some of these questions. How old are they? Do you use them just for running? Is it time to get a new pair? Running shoes that are old and worn will cause injuries.

    4. Make a promise to yourself that you will maintain consistency. Write it down on a piece a paper and have it so you see it every day. X all the days you will run on a calendar that you use frequently. Tell friends and family what you plan to do.

    5. Run with a partner or group to keep you motivated. Have another friend join in your journey and enter the race with you. The best part of running is being able to talk to someone about what you’ve accomplished and problems you need to change.

    Please leave a comment in the section below if you’ve run a 5K and how it made you feel.

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    Running… My First 5K Tips

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    If you are interested in Learning to run or running a 5K race, here are some 5K tips to keep you informed!

    Running my first 5K Tips

    Tip #1.
    Always warm up before you start  run/walking or running. Walk for 10 minutes, jog on the spot, do jumping jack or side lunges. Any dynamic movements to get your muscles warmed up and heart rate moving.
    Tip #2
    Wear clothes that have great wicking power! Clothes made of polyester, Lycra, acrylic any fiber that pulls sweat away from the body is the best. This prevents chaffing and increases your comfort level during your run.
    Tip #3
    Wear a watch to monitor your time, especially if you are doing interval running. (switching from walking to running) A GPS is a great option. If you have decided that running is the sport for you, invest in a Garmin GPS  for monitoring your speed/Distance/pace/time and more!
    Tip #4
    Don’t eat before you run or race a 5K. Make sure you have a good dinner the evening before and 45 minutes before you run the next morning have a yogurt and a banana. I can eat a banana 10 minutes before I leave for my run and not be bothered by cramps!
    Tip #5
    Drink a cup of water an half hour to 15 minutes before you head out for your 5K to cut out feelings of dehydration. Getting to know yourself and how you feel first is all about good training for a 5K. Some people can’t drink anything close to an hour before or even during a run.
    Tip #6
    Make sure you drink water on the return, drinking water in sips and at room temperature makes it easier on your digestive system. Sometimes gulping cold water can make you sick.
    Tip #7
    If you are going in a 5K run/walk or run, make sure you walk the course first. We are creatures of habit and we like to know what we are getting into… most of the time. If you can’t be at the course before, make sure you look the course up on the race website.
    Tip #8
    Register for a 5K race a couple of months before, you will feel more motivated and prepared because you are working towards a goal.  
    Tip #9
    Practice doing stretches after running a 5K, you can learn how to stretch with this great book from    The Stretching Institute.
    Tips #10
    Smile. Smiling does amazing things when you run…It corrects a tired posture, motivates you to go further, improves your self esteem and has you enjoying your run more!

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