Learn to Run

Daily motivation for New Runners Learning to Run and Information to keep going! Starting from a run/walk program, gradually to running 5K in 6 weeks!

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Motivation to Get Out There!

want to inspire you to stay active and run, walk or run/walk. RunningMySpace is a site that helps new runners Learning to Run a 5K.

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I've run for over 35 years and last year completed a 50K Ultra Marathon, I'm excited to run another one in 2014. I love to teach people how to run and keep them motivated so they can run for a lifetime.

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Information to keep you Running!

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Learn to Run

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It doesn’t matter how old you are…

This Learn to Run program is a beginner runner program!

You start gently  at a run/walk stage and  after 6 weeks you could be running up to 5 Kilometres!

Being active and running helps prevent diseases such as obesity, degenerative maladies and even cancer. You will love the freedom running brings to your life accomplishing goals and feeling healthier!

Learning to run using the 5K Run/Walk program creates a freedom within yourself  and lets you tap into a potential you never thought existed with running!

 Discover more about yourself following a Learn to Run – Run/Walk Program!

Why do we start using the run/walk method at RunningMySpace?

Learn to run

  •  This is the easiest method to stick to in the beginning of a running program.
  • You attain better health benefits than when starting out in an all-out-running program!  The run/walk method is gentler on your body.
  •  It’s easier to see improvements along the way doing the run/walk program, helping motivate and challenge you.
  •  It’s a positive activity for your health and fitness by helping you eliminate stress and having you center on what matters most  in your life.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Learn to Run Program!

This is what all Levels will do before and after run/walking.

    • Do warm up and cool down walk. 10min walk to start – 30 min run or run/walk – 10 to 15 min walk after.
    •  Make sure that you total is at least 40min.  This what it will look like. 10min walk – 20min run/walk – 10 to 15 min walk cool down.

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  • Stretching helps your running program and prevents injury, so don’t  forget to stretch! You can find the best stretches here!


Get psyched and Believe in yourself!

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